Happy autumn sun

When I first got up, the road outside was still wet. The cool feeling of autumn is still mixed in the rain and fog, leaving people’s skin naked and must be covered in clothes in order to feel comfortable..   The continuous autumn rain, like deliberately torturing people, has lasted about half a month. People are already looking at the still hazy distant mountains and gloomy and low sky in the rain atmosphere, hoping that the clouds will scatter and usher in sunshine to disperse the wet and cool air in their hearts.. Days, repeated in the drizzly space, become monotonous and boring.   People are strange. They yearn for anything when it is rare. Once you have many, you are tired of it. The same is true for rain and for yang. Long sunny, yearning for the rain; When it rained for a long time, I longed to see the sun again.   Fortunately, God’s creation is not lost to others. Adapting to people’s various needs, there will be spring, summer, autumn and winter, morning, dusk, sun, moon, wind and rain, ice, snow, cold and heat.   When people live in the world, they change with things and have joys and sorrows, alternating and repeating. Life is colorful.   Sitting in the office, the long-lost sunshine, through the window pane, warms the table, computer and potted flower.. A warm current, then slowly rippling, like water, let a person slowly float, turbulence.   Simply close your eyes and enjoy this rare happy time. The whole body, feel clear and bright. For things that haven’t been seen for a long time, like some husband and wife, they are together every day, and sometimes they will breed friction and unhappiness. If they only see each other after a period of time, they will feel cordial and happy.. At this time the sun gives people feelings, generally so.   There was laughter outside. Colleagues enjoy the good mood brought by the sunshine and dream of going to the suburbs to engage in activities and so on.. God is so beautiful, stay indoors, too failed to live up to the good weather. Everyone laughed and acted, and several particularly active ones put forward suggestions to the leaders. The leader was in a good mood and readily promised to organize a fishing match in the near future. Because in addition to playing mahjong and drinking, the leader’s biggest hobby is fishing. To organize fishing competitions and have fun with employees is not as good as all the others. It’s a good thing to do more than one thing at a time.! Happiness passes quickly between the door and the door and in the corridor.   The young man in the office is even more interested in the sunrise, pushing open the window, integrating with the sunrise, and spilling out of the window with a happy atmosphere..   Looking up, the blue sky looks higher than usual. A few white clouds, leisurely, drifting away in the distance; If a plane flies by, it must be clearly visible. Far away, the white mist disappeared, and the black and blue peaks appeared high and majestic in the world..   The high-rise buildings made of reinforced concrete slowly evaporate moisture and are covered with bright sunshine. The clothes in the window and on the roof of the window turned bright and shook gently, as if to show a warm welcome to the sun. The branches and leaves on the roof are also shaking slightly, making people feel that the breeze is blowing in their hearts.   The old people in the village came out, hobbled along, sitting on a stool in groups or alone, quietly letting the sun wash away the haze for more than 10 days, and bursting the sunset – like smile on the weather-beaten face, as beautiful as the sunrise.. The young mother holding the baby also came out, the sunshine, the baby in her arms, the pink face, the half-open and half-closed eyes, the joyous and disorderly pedaling of the lower legs, and the vague babbling sound made people feel very lovely..   More pedestrians. In this sunny autumn morning, everyone is full of energy and can’t stay. Like to move, don’t like to move, have to move, fashionable, old – fashioned, general, have walked out of the house and walked into the sun, feeling different from the rainy days.   Under the bottom, can feel a slight vibration. The vibration, also have at ordinary times. At this time, especially strong. This is the road downstairs, such as the galloping cars churning the road and houses. The stronger the earthquake, the stronger the pulsation and vitality of the city. The rumbling sound also continued.   The vitality of life is always present and everywhere, especially in this long sunny day.   Sunlight makes everything lifeless alive.   Came to the roof, the breeze blowing dead leaves, softly, rustling, dancing cheerful melody. There are still a few pale yellow flowers blooming prominently in the branches and dancing in the wind. In the pool, plankton are showing their charm. Brilliant, water vapor transpiration.A few sparrows, crying joyfully, stood on the branches and combed their feathers comfortably.   Head warm, face warm with cold. Enlarge the chest, expand the stasis of many days, warm blood, become clear and run faster. I really want to run and jump a few steps.   Looking over several roofs, a little further away, there was a kindergarten where the children rushed outside to chase and play, and the young voice spread very high and far, crossing the tallest building before slowly disappearing. On the other side, it was originally a mountain with green trees and shade. There was a temple among the green trees. The government has included it in the planning map of Kunming Road for about seven or eight years. After many twists and turns, the mountain has almost been flattened and the trees and temples have naturally disappeared.. At this time, there were more than a dozen big trucks still busy there, like tanks that captured mountains in some movies, invincible. The destructive power of human beings is really amazing. Now Yu Gong, using modern tools, does not say that a hill, the Himalayas, will be razed to the ground. It is estimated that it will not take long..   The skyline, the city, is surrounded by hazy mountain beams. But I believe that the sun must also shine behind the sky. People in the sun still have the same mood and the same career. Only in those remote villages, it is estimated that the villagers, taking advantage of this rare sunshine, are grasping at harvesting or sunning the rice delayed by the long rain..   God is not fair. According to the weather forecast, although it is sunny here, there is rain and snow in some parts of the north. There, must be another scene.   At noon, when we walked into the street, all eyes were open. Some people also deliberately open their clothes and let the sun shine on their chests. Some people simply take off their coats and let their skin get closer to the sun.   A few brothers with bamboo sticks probably had no work to do at this time, so they placed paper shells on the road and used bamboo sticks as stools to hit’ boards’ which attracted some idle people to watch..   In the stream of people, the heart is happy and the gait is light. Familiar people greeted each other with voices and car sounds, forming a cheerful chorus.   To go to work and go to the suburbs is just an extravagant hope, but I believe it must be beautiful there.   Qiu Yang moved slowly. He was more impatient than xia yang. He was expected to go down the mountain several hours in advance, and there was no Xia Yanglie.. Moreover, the weather is very changeable this year, and tomorrow, maybe we won’t see it again.   The hard-to-see autumn sun, the happy autumn sun.   Open your arms, hold fast and hold the autumn sun in your arms.