General assembly hall

The village in my hometown is crisscrossed by rivers, and the northeast bank of the center of the village where the four rivers converge is where the great hall is located. The earliest Great Hall took the east-west direction, covering an area of about 400 – 500 square meters. The lower part of the wall was made of blue bricks, the upper part of the wall was made of adobe, the top part of the wall was erected with five or six herringbone girders made of wood, and the roof was covered with straw. At that time, most of the families lived in low thatched houses, so the tall Great Hall was very majestic and solemn in the eyes of our children..     In the west of the Great Hall is a one-meter-high platform made of earth mounds, covering an area of about 50 to 60 square meters. This was used as a platform for commune cadres and brigade cadres at the time when the whole brigade held a mass meeting of members.. At a time when political movements were frequent, die-hards and capitalist roaders, and even petty thieves, were often dragged to the podium for criticism..     However, for our children, what matters most is its use as a stage. The autumn harvest ended, the land was tilled and wheat planted in the fields. It was winter and December, and every family was waiting for New Year’s Day.. In the countryside at that time, there was no sense of going out to work during the free time. Besides managing wheat fields, male laborers would also be arranged by communes to’ pick rivers’ (‘ build water conservancy projects’ ); Women will be busy preparing clothes for the children at home for the New Year by knitting thread clothes on the soles of their shoes.. Some of the village’s literary and artistic backbones are active, and they are busy making use of idle classrooms to start arranging entertainment programs, traditional operas, modern operas, sketches, etc.. Wait until noon on the first day of the new year, the children who had worshipped the first morning ate lunch early, then carried the bench to the great hall and waited for the play.. The stage has already been decorated with lanterns and decorations, with the actor’s rest and dressing room in the south corner and the gong, drum and erhu playing suona in the north corner.. We children are particularly fond of watching war scenes, and we are particularly excited at the sight of actors playing with fake guns made of wood.. The audience enjoyed the leisure and joy of the festival. Women were whispering and laughing while watching the play, while men were smoking good cigarettes for the New Year while watching the play, while children were eating melon seeds and chewing sugar while watching the play.. Five days ago, the whole great hall was buzzing with voices every day, and the whole year was a real one..     When the wind blows and rains, or leaves fall and cool, the Great Hall becomes a good place for movies. At a time when cultural activities were very scarce, children often asked which Chuang Tzu would show movies in the evening. When it was their turn to show movies on the same day, adults worked in the fields, and the children seemed to be talking happily about ” showing movies” at school. The whole village was permeated with festive atmosphere.. There is no need to dig a hole to support the film curtain in the Great Hall of the People, just hang the thick canvas white curtain with a black border on the mountain wall to the east of the Great Hall of the People.. The children stayed out of school after a day of absent – mindedness, rushed home, shouldered the bench and headed straight to the great hall, seizing the best central position near the square table where the projector was placed.. It was still dark, and relatives from the village and neighboring villages came to the city hall in an endless stream to see the movie. The empty and lonely city hall suddenly became lively, playing and shouting for people, one after another.. It was completely dark, and the machine on the projection boat used to generate electricity also sounded. The projectors came to the square table with the projector and the film at the village cadres’ house after supper, and the lights lit up. The film was placed on the projector, the two wheels were pulled back and forth, and a bright light shone on the screen for a long time.. When the lights went out, the whole hall quieted down and only heard the sound of roulette wheels and people cracking melon seeds.. People are leaning back their necks and gazing intently at each other, as if they were already in the life film that makes people deeply touched or the war film that makes people excited..     Later, the original Great Hall became a dilapidated building due to its disrepair, and the village demolished and rebuilt a blue brick and flat-topped Great Hall.. However, the campaign ended, television became popular, people became more aware of working outside the city hall, and the city hall was never used, but became a place where nearby people used to pile grass and put sundries..     A few years ago, after several elderly proposals in the village, the Great Hall was demolished and villagers raised funds to build a temple on its former site.. The Great Hall finally withdrew from the historical stage in its hometown village and completely disappeared.