Feel the simple life

On the weekend, my brother said he would take three friends from the city to his hometown to play. I and one of my teachers are preparing to be received here..   At about 1: 00 p.m., their car came to the appointed place, the big jujube garden in the teacher’s house, and we took them there.. As soon as I entered the garden, my friends in the city shouted with excitement at the sight of all kinds of vegetables and corn in the garden. Of course, my favorite was to pick red dates like red agate that hung down..   The teacher was busy planning to boil water, cook corn and potato, and I accompanied my friends to pick dates in the garden.. For them, everything in sight is extremely novel. The appearance of jujube Gu Zhuo, the attractive color and sweet and crisp taste of jujube undoubtedly have great attraction to them. Perhaps the most enjoyable thing for them is the experience of plucking the jujube from the tree in person.! As they shouted excitedly, they shouted’ enjoyable’!   After a while, the teacher cooked the boiled water and called for everyone to sit around the round table and drink tea.. Friends also cleanly took out a few small dishes and two bottles of wine. However, after drinking a few glasses of wine, the atmosphere of drinking tea will not be maintained. It turned out that some people still continue to experience picking life while you come and I go. We know that they can’t sit still anyway. It’s better for them to enjoy themselves. We just drink tea and have a little drink..   Soon, someone grabbed two big red peppers in his hands and showed them to everyone. The two peppers were like two big fresh flowers, which attracted everyone’s ” gee” praise.. After a while, some people came over with some potatoes still stuck with clay in their hands, telling us how the potatoes were shaved out by him in the soil.. Others said, holding several tomatoes in their palms, how did he find this big persimmon among the thick leaves of the tomato tree. The teacher said, ” Although this persimmon is not too red, it is actually delicious, because it grows naturally in a tree and is not like being sold at a booth.”. What was sold at the booth was red after two or three days, sour and not too sweet. A theory, speak everybody” oh . oh . ” al Jefferson.   The most interesting thing is to break off the Baogu Valley. ” Click” must be followed by a burst of laughter.. In a short time, everyone came over with a few bonzi in their hands. The most talked about was the crisp’ click’ sound when breaking off the corn. It was really nice to hear.! However, the teacher said that the sound was wrong. When the valley was really closed, it was skillful and the sound was not so loud.. I also echoed by the side and said, ” Yes.”! If you put so much effort into the valley, your wrist would have been worn out. I have eaten corn and potato! With the teacher’s greeting, a special aroma came out of the pot when the lid was uncovered, and while everyone was blowing in the fog and transpiration, they ate the exposed part while peeling potato skins and corn skins.. The potatoes and corn now dug and boiled taste very sweet, soft and waxy, and everyone calls it ” delicious.”! ‘ After a full meal, everyone pointed to the piles of fruits picked by the side with a deep sense of satisfaction and expressed their feelings.. Friends in the city said: I didn’t think rural life would bring such a good experience. Today is the happiest day they have ever experienced.!   After listening to my friends, I think today’s experience will definitely give them long-term happiness. Life is actually a kind of feeling, feeling the beauty of life, even ordinary days can always make people find reasons for happiness. ‘ in the cage for a long time, after return to nature. ‘ is a big enlightenment to get rid of the worldly distractions, the realm may be too high, while” picking chrysanthemum under the eastern fence, leisurely see Nanshan. ‘ free and easy, but everyone can enjoy it. Returning body and mind to the simplest piece of paradise should be a wonderful enjoyment, even if it is a simple color, smell and sound.. We often complain that we are too tired to live. Why not put down our work on weekends and holidays and experience the simplest life??