Disturbing winter

Even music is too lazy to play. I feel a little depressed. I don’t know why I always have so many emotions in my heart. Maybe it’s because the weather is too cold. I am extremely low in immunity, afraid of the cold in winter, and afraid of the hot in summer.. Cold house, cold window, cold wind, cold rain, grey and lifeless, all eyes are bleak. The extra’ gift’ from nature is more of a helpless and compliant mood for mortals.. The farmers who toil in the farmland all the year round finally have time to rest, crowding in groups in mahjong parlors or elderly activity rooms, playing mahjong, fighting landlords, playing Suha, playing lusong and Jinhua, although the weather can’t stop people’s entertainment.. How long have you not been out? Forget the. Anyway, when it began to get cold, I didn’t take a step across the gate. I couldn’t accept this cold winter. The frost of ice and ice was so bitter that I was really weak.! I can’t imagine how those people living in the North live. The temperature of minus 30 or 40 degrees is really horrible.! Although the white snow is everywhere, it is really beautiful, but for me who fears the winter, I am afraid to avoid it. As long as I see the snow scene and encounter ice cubes, I tremble all over. Alas, this annoying winter is undoubtedly a chronic suicide for me, no, it is purely a homicide!     The cold house is so cold and cheerless that there is no poetic feeling, so I am not in such a good mood. I am too lazy to touch the computer and simmer in bed day and night. It’s really comfortable.. The two daughters cowered, their hands were icy cold, their hair was no longer fluffy and high – spirited, their faces were grey and blue, their lips were black and purple, and they were trembling all over. I looked at them and felt distressed. I immediately turned on the electric blanket switch and told them to wait until the bed was hot before drilling in.. The weather is too cold, use heaters, consume too much electricity, rarely use air conditioners, and even more loathe to give up. There is no more coal and coke for heating than in Sichuan. There is no coal and coke here, nor is there any habit of warming the fire. There is no other better way of heating, but by electric blankets. The younger daughter has the habit of enuresis. She has to change her pants several times all day. Therefore, in such a cold weather, the clothes she washed dry very slowly. Only by blowing hard with a hairdryer, computers, televisions, washing machines, solar energy, battery cars and so on, she has to use electricity in everything. Therefore, when the winter comes down, the electricity bill we pay alone will not be vulgar..     People can never change the fact that they are enslaved by money. In Zhili, Huzhou, Zhejiang, where we live today, ordinary people eat, dress, medical care, education, transportation ( slightly better families, children also buy cars when they get married ), human relations and children’s adult wine ( 15 – year – old adults, boys and girls are required to hold banquets, as thick as adults get married, room decoration and furniture include several sets of beds and beds, several beds of silk quilts, thousands of pieces of new clothes, gold rings, gold necklaces, color TV sets, computers, battery cars ), engagement wine, wedding wine, pregnant women’s birth wine, children’s full moon wine, one-year-old wine and preschool wine ( pre-school wine ). Money, money, money, you are the almighty god, the purgatory of the world, and those who have no money hate to itch your teeth, but at the same time they cannot leave you.. For low-wage families, too much spending has forced people to work day and night like slaves, especially for those living in the countryside, although living standards have improved a lot compared with those before, but they are all bought with their lives. For ordinary families who do not have the capital to do business, besides the family members are going to work outside, the older generation will have to squeeze some time to wait in the farmland to grow crops, rice and vegetables ( all of them will be sold except for what they eat ), and silkworm for two seasons after coming home from work.. For those who specialize in farming at home, it may be a little better. They don’t have to run at both ends of the factory and home. They have the time to stop smoking and chatting, but basically they also circle the farmland all the year round and have endless work to do every day.. Karoshi, also is not surprising. In our team, there were several women who died in their 30s, almost all of whom were cancer. Although not everyone was exhausted, overwork could not get away with it. In order to earn money, they held the fluke mentality of dragging on and off, so that they delayed the best treatment time and lost their lives.. Sometimes, I wonder, although money is very important, it is not worth living for. Life is only once. I have to cherish it.. Advise those people who care for money and are desperate to pay attention to their bodies all the time. It’s not easy for parents to give birth to us. Don’t bet on their bodies. No one can afford to lose! When you feel a little tired, don’t stay hard, stay at home and rest for a long time. It’s not too late to earn money until you regain your strength. Where can you earn all the money in the world?! You should observe that almost all those who suffer from this disease are overworked and overstretched and do not pay attention to rest. In addition, those who work and rest at night and sleep late should also be paid great attention to, and the reversal of the biological clock is not enough for human health. Those who try to change the biological clock must also be responsible for the harmful effects they sow, including the elimination of toxins from lymph ( immune system ), liver, gallbladder, lung, large intestine and small intestine at 21 – 23 o’clock, liver 23 – 11 o’clock, gallbladder 1 – 3 o’clock and lung 3 – 5 o’clock.. Money also wants, life more want.     I don’t want to die of poverty or early death. Better die than live. Cold, cold, cold, the key is cold. This horrible winter. Down jacket, I put it on early, but it’s still cold. There is no heating habit in the south, which can hurt people who are afraid of the cold.