idiotic nonsense

‘ Playing mahjong is addictive and writing articles is addictive. ‘ This is crazy people in Jia Pingwa teacher’s book to see. To this, crazy people believe.     Chi – jen stood on the tail of thirty, looking forward and feeling deeply. Wind and rain for 20 years, with a flick of a finger, the years have eroded the memory and changed the appearance. The world is changing too fast and too much. The only thing that remains the same is the dream of fools..     Chi ren’s good books not only love reading, but also write essays and poems to pass the boring time.. It’s just a pastime. Chi – jen doesn’t feel how tired life is. Instead, he lives at ease.. However, one day, she had a whim to move her writing to the Internet. This is terrible. She was extremely busy. Since last October, in four months, she has written about 100,000 words.. At first, chi people were not used to writing on the computer, and often wrote more than ten pages of drafts and typed them word by word. chi people were slow in typing and afraid of making mistakes. they could often read a sentence more than a dozen times and took several hours to write more than one thousand words. they had been busy for half a month, and at the suggestion of their friends, they had to look at the mirror freely. the mirror described themselves as withered artemisia, just like climbing out of the grave..     Unexpectedly, the world’s most drudgery job is not to work at the construction site, but to write. Shoulders began to ache, fingers also knocked on the keyboard and became swollen, because they had to work to make a living during the day. Chi gradually felt physically tired, but the effect was not very great. At night, they began to want to read and write, and the bed became a chi’s desk. Chi lay on the bed, surrounded by books. As for whether they wanted to read or type, they were free. The advantage was not as tired as before. The disadvantage was that it was too convenient to sleep, and they didn’t know when to fall asleep. The alarm clock became a decoration, and they always couldn’t wake up the dreamer. Fortunately, the libertarian was not controlled and nobody was late..     One day, the idiot saw a netizen reprinting essays online in the buckle space and followed the trail. He found a piece of grass where friends of Wen Peng’s poems could play to their heart’s content. The idiot logged in with the buckle and went to enjoy the beautiful prose when he was free.. The next day, I saw someone leave a message in the space: post an article, let’s enjoy the richness and variety of life in the text.. Chi – jen thanked these friends he had never met before and moved them to keep a pure heart while living a hard life. This is the habitat of the spirit.. Chi – jen tried to send out two essays, the editors were very serious, the typesetting was segmented, and the editors were too short together. Encouraged, crazy people love to write, and then some friends come over to comment and leave a message. Soon, chi signed a contract. When I came to prose online, I found that there are many talented people here. It is by no means empty talk. There are more stupid people than her, but she will stay a little longer than others.. Only a few of these people are professional creators, and most of them have to write while working. Society and life can bring more inspiration to people. Therefore, the words that move people’s hearts flow in their works. Chi people know many friends, communicate in the words and make progress in the plain.. Chi – jen discovered that he was a fool and a stubborn stone. What’s more surprising is that in his seventies, Mr. Sun was still writing in his old age, and he made remarkable achievements and expressed admiration. Chi – jen told himself to learn from them well. These people are flags and lighthouses. They show the splendor of life with their actions. All competitions have changed because of their hard work and perseverance on the long journey of life..     Chi – jen went to the bookstore to buy books, picked out a draft of Mr. Wang Li’s rules for participating in poetry rules, and took a small copy of Mr. Zhao Jingzhan’s rules for participating in the new Chinese rhyme ( fourteen rhymes ) and the rules for the white incense lyrics of ” Life” in his hand. It seems that after reading these two books, he can buy them again. ” Books can’t be read unless they are borrowed.” The ancients said that the ancient books bought a few years ago for participating in the four books and five classics ” Convention on Biological Diversity” Mirror Flower Rim ” Convention on Biological Diversity” and the Analects of Analects have not been read up to this day, and said, ” Once Gu Zhi Gao Ge.”. ‘ Alas.     Attending the poetry rules and regulations became hypnotics, and fell asleep after a while. When I woke up, I remembered that attending the Bai Xiang poetry rules and regulations was still waiting in the bookstore, and I hated myself, too unwillingly. Who knows for a few days, I was going to finish reading and search through my memory, only remembering one sentence, learning the rules of poetry first, and then learning the words.. No other impression, didn’t understand. He searched out the chapter on studying poetry in a dream of red mansions to see how sister Lin taught Xiangling, ” read 100 of Wang Mochai’s five-character law, carefully read it well done, then read 120 of Lao Du’s seven-character law, and then read 120 of Li Qinglian’s seven-character quatrain, with these three people working as a foundation in his stomach, and then read too little of Tao Yuanming, Ying Yang, Xie, Ruan, Geng, Bao and others”’ to sum up the sentence. ”.     Crazy people dream at night, but they are in the exam. They are talking about Chinese. They are actually studying physics. After finishing the exam, the duck eggs are settled. They woke up in a hurry and realized that they have been away from school for more than 20 years. It is just crazy people dream. At this time, they are all sleepy and began to write on the computer.. Suddenly remembered that the TV play participated in Xi ‘an Tiger Family Bill. Tiger Family’s third tiger used to work in the Federation of Culture and Sports, dreaming of writing dreams all day long, winning the literature prize, holding the trophy high and speaking on the stage, ” Cao Xueqin is dead, Tolstoy is dead, Marquez is dead, Shakespeare is dead, now, I am still alive, ha ha ha ha ha ha.”