Borrowing Complex in Northern Guangdong

Perhaps I didn’t study hard as a teenager, and I became especially obsessed with books when I grew up.. Every time I go out, I will visit the bookstores and pick up some favorite books and magazines.     As the days went on, there were more books and magazines in the dormitory, and bedside tables and desks were filled with books, even the beds were full of books. He became a genuine bookworm in the eyes of his roommate. Living in a single dormitory building with three men and one room, roommates have more chances to visit each other. Therefore, some of their favorite books and magazines inevitably become’ happy Huang Shoupa’, flying around in the hands of roommates, and some like broken kites can’t fly back.. When faced with this situation, I feel distressed and helpless. It is distressing that some good books were lost and it is difficult to buy any more, but it is impossible for me to keep my books all day long..     Besides, when people borrow books from me, I am not good at wiping people’s face. So often some books’ go and never return’. Sometimes, some people come to borrow books not only to my displeasure, but also to my anger. One day, when nothing happened, I thought of a book borrowed by an acquaintance on the second floor of the building that had not been returned for nearly two months, so I went to the door.. Who knows this gentleman left the matter outside the cloud nine nights ago, and it is no use reading any books with two stunned eyes. Maybe he thinks I’m too stingy. A broken book is worth a few dollars? But I am different because I love books and cherish them. Losing a good book is like losing a close friend. So I’m afraid of people borrowing books, to be exact, I’m afraid of borrowing or not returning them..     But no matter whether you love dearly or not, people will come to borrow books as usual. Some people took the book away while I was away and did not say ” hello” afterwards, until I wanted to read the book again before I knew it had ” disappeared” and had lost it without knowing whose fault it was.. Later, I read a sentence from the book: ” Little smart people are often unhappy.”. I began to reflect on myself, to be a happy person, only by maintaining an optimistic state of mind can I broaden my mind and see the gains and losses in the world of mortals.. I think, since the book is for people to read and see, I don’t need to own it alone, as long as it can illuminate another heart and remove the ignorance in others’ hearts, why should I collect it alone? Since I have read and felt the joy and knowledge it gives me, why can’t I let others also receive and feel it?? From then on, I no longer care about and feel unhappy about losing books.