Borrow things

One day, my fiancé e Xu Tian and I went shopping in the town of eventually south. I didn’t expect the rear wheels of the electric car to suddenly burst out of steam soon after they left the village, so I had to push the car to the nearby Jiecun Bridge.. In the absence of a professional maintenance master, I had to beg an old woman in the motorcycle store next to me: ” grandma, my car is broken. can I leave it here for a while?”? When things are done, I will come back for them. The old man lying on the bamboo chair for lunch raised his head and readily promised. The little girl next to her also urged me to store the car near the door. At that time, I was really touched.     After buying Xu Tian summer clothes, I asked her to drive home directly and told her to tell your father to bring his tools to Lingquan Bridge to repair my car.. I got off the bus and stood at Lingquan Bridge waiting for peace.     When I was about to pick up the car, a farmer from 30 years old came out of the glass door and said expressionless, ” We don’t know you, I don’t know which one is yours.”? This is the electric car with a flat tire – it was a white-haired old man here who asked me to put it here for a while. ‘ I pointed to the only electric car out of several cars and said.     ‘ then wait for her to come back! ‘ the farmer refused to promise.     I had to wait slowly. A few minutes later, the little girl suddenly came up to me and said softly, ” I know you. You can push the car away.”. ‘ I moved my car laboriously to the front yard road and waited patiently for my father – in – law’s arrival. All of a sudden the cell phone rings and it is the father-in-law’s voice. He asked me if I needed to take my windpipe with me, and I answered firmly that I didn’t need to. Because before storage, I just borrowed the windpipe placed outside the door of the white-haired old man’s house to inflate the rear wheels. However, no matter how you play, you always get out faster than you get in, and a professional maintenance worker nearby happens to be away. At a loss, I had to turn to my father-in-law for help in repairing cars..     My father-in-law came in a hurry. He asked me to borrow the trachea. I subconsciously pushed open the glass door of the old man’s house and greeted a middle-aged man who was working in the back room. ” Master, let me use your trachea, will you?”? ‘ middle – aged man looked up and glanced at me, didn’t say a word, just repeatedly waved to me. I just grabbed the trachea and placed it in front of my father – in – law. My father-in-law ordered me to bring a basin of water. My eyes searched everywhere, and suddenly I found a dirty plastic basin just in front of the glass door, apparently used for repairing cars, and a water pipe happened to be next to it..     So I pushed open the glass door again and begged him to say, ” Master, I want to try the car bag with the plastic basin at your door, will you see?”? No way! ‘ middle – aged man rapped out, cold answer let me feel puzzling.     The father-in-law said, ” If somebody else refuses to lend us, let’s try something else.”! Just as we were trying to find another way out, the little girl hurried up to us and whispered in a straight voice, ” My parents and I asked me to take the trachea away.”. We haven’t used it yet! Just a moment, ok? ‘ I explained, imploring said.     The little girl had already caught the windpipe in her hand. Before and after she let me ” zhang two monks” – scratching their heads. Some time ago, a relative of my family just bought a motorcycle in your home. I’m going to buy another motorcycle in your home for my daughter’s wedding at the end of this year! ‘ the little girl listened to the father-in-law’s remarks, and then obediently put down the trachea.     Suddenly, the peasant woman came out of the house again and said sternly, ” The special car repair doesn’t even have a gas pipe.”! Just as the words sound, her man, the middle-aged man, suddenly rushed out and angrily shouted, ” What kind of ball does not even say hello when you borrow it?”! ‘ The father-in-law’s face became red with brush, and I was also angry not to hit one place, but was stopped by him when I wanted to attack..     He left his work behind and rushed forward to explain: ” This is my son – in – law, young and not sensible, please forgive me.”. The peasant woman replied in a lukewarm way: ” Don’t explain. Go ahead and do your work.”! ‘ pushing and shoving pull her man into the house. And her man still swearing and adamant in the house, looking at his fierce posture, it was like hitting people with his fist.!     Father – in – law repeatedly blamed me for taking other people’s things without saying ” hello”. I don’t argue, it’s really’ dumb eat coptis – – have bitterness can’t say” ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.!    Then, the peasant woman came out again, and I immediately came forward to clarify the facts again: ” I did say hello to the eldest brother in the house when I borrowed the windpipe just now, maybe he didn’t hear it at that time.”! She was a little impatient and still said coldly, ” Don’t say that. Go quickly.”! ‘ Then my father-in-law told me that the middle-aged man had already known him, and the family not only opened a shop to sell motorcycles but also repaired them. After a long time, it turned out that they were peers. At this point, I just understood the taste of’ peers are friends’.     But what puzzled me was that when I asked the farmer if she could fix the car, she was full of rejection.. According to his father – in – law, the middle-aged man was very grumpy and had once moved a knife with others!     What makes me wonder is that the middle-aged man blamed me for not greeting him, and why did he repeatedly wave to me?? From this point of view, waving is not acquiescence, but going away. It is I who misinterpreted the intention of the sign language..     This makes me even more confused: as we all know, even strangers encounter difficulties, we often stretch out our hand to help, let alone father-in-law and his acquaintances!     I had to push the car to a nearby repair department, borrow the trachea, and under the condition of no basin and no water, after the father-in-law checked and tested it repeatedly, it took nearly a quarter of an hour to repair the car. When I paid someone, the hostess politely said, ” Is it a gas? What more money?! My father-in-law and I thanked her repeatedly. She smiled and said something broken. You’re welcome.     At this moment, my heart just felt a little warm.     So, I couldn’t help sighing: It’s also a person. How can the difference be so big??     10 June 2008