At our age

[ Original Text ]I know that I have traveled one journey after another, and each journey has its own unique scenery.. Perhaps such contradictions, such ourselves, are the scenery of our age. Pain and happiness.. Happy, and buried the pain in my heart.   Did you suddenly feel tired and confused without reason? Have you ever felt sad that you wanted to say nothing and that you wanted to sue hard?. At our age. Have you learned to quietly hide a fragile heart under a strong appearance? Have you learned to look up at the sky when you want to shed tears and say to the people around you with a smile that today’s weather is not bad … we already have many memories at our age. We will suddenly be deeply touched, suddenly looking up to the moon and sighing, suddenly knowing the meaning of many words.     Miss. numbness. Happy. Happiness. heartache. accountability. Love. Cherish.     Walking, the scenery is still fresh and not fully appreciated. I feel like I have just set off. How can I suddenly reach such an awkward age?. Middle – aged, such a heavy word, have we ever really accepted it from the bottom of our hearts? In this way, we suddenly arrived at the intersection of saying goodbye to innocence and dreams. Although we all want to keep their footsteps, we have been reminded from time to time that you are past the age of dreaming love.. So the fire on our faces will burn and we will be ashamed of our immaturity stupefied.. In an instant, it was really about to be accepted. Is it true that we have reached the age when we must say goodbye to youth and lose our wayward qualification??     The children around us have already told us that love is to accompany me, love is to hold me, love is to kiss me, love is to praise me.. When I suddenly looked back, I also found that my parents are really old and have become our children.. It turns out that we have passed the age of asking for love and have reached the age of needing love. We have also learned that only by giving a lot and a lot of love can we also reap a lot and a lot of love.. We must learn to be good parents and children. At work, we should bravely be the backbone of society and shoulder the responsibility. We are in fact too old to live up to.. We don’t have a lot of time to waste.     The faster the time begins to cross, the faster it will cross, and it will be too late to even sigh. We began to realize that time was really short. Really is the truth. Why can we really realize it now?   Those who passed away, the past events, the light that came out of the past, taught us to learn to remember. Yes, we have already started to recall it often.     In such a person’s time, I quietly buried my face in my palm to understand the way I have walked, what I have done and what I have said.. There are so many shame that I dare not raise my head for a moment. A lot of things have not been done well. Most of the time, the mentality is not adjusted well. At this age, I was still a bit silly and accomplished myself. Sometimes I even think in a trance that time will be very long..     No, I didn’t mean to ignore my age. Just a little can’t accept it. Can’t bear the burden bravely. Sometimes I wonder if everyone thinks he will be slightly different from others.. At that time, did our souls all live in their own bodies and become self – styled. Even sometimes, do we all foolishly think that time will spare us.     Sometimes I know this is just a silly idea, but I still foolishly rely on it to deceive myself. Unveiling the veil of life is just the same as happy families, each unhappy family has its own misfortune.And how many pure happy families can there be? Not to say that every family has a sutra that is difficult to read, but we all have already accepted it and are struggling to read it. Read and read, there will always be a time of exhaustion?     At this time, why do you have to board your face, frown deeply and sigh. In order to read this sutra well, why do you have to keep your nerves taut all day long and look indestructible. At this time, why can’t you relax your body and mind temporarily, take a quiet rest, and just take a short rest? What’s the matter with taking a young dream to do it?.     I know that one journey after another, each journey has its own unique scenery. Perhaps such contradictions, such ourselves, are the scenery of our age. Pain and happiness.. Happy, and buried the pain in my heart. Learn all the way along and learn to integrate yourself into the scenery of this journey.     Today, I just want to say suddenly that at our age, will you also suddenly feel appreciate each other to us at the same age??