All things are dyed in the world of mortals and crossed in due course

To participate in the book of songs, the wind, the wind, the July regulations, the July fire, the September clothing grant. On the first day of the attack, the second day of the attack was Li Lie. No clothes, no brown, why died? The real meaning of’ July fires’ is that when the weather turns cold in the seventh month of the lunar calendar, when it is just getting dark, the big Mars can be seen falling from the west. However, the ” July Fire” has been mistakenly used to describe the summer heat for many years and is still widely used in various media and even by people. Therefore, in today’s life dictionary, the original meaning of this ancient language has been popular and alienated..     Indeed, July is the hottest season of the year, and the so-called dog days are included in the middle of July. Due to the abundant sunshine and the rising temperature, the moisture on the surface of the earth will evaporate rapidly under the hot sunlight. Therefore, the weather in July is like a flowing fire and the heat is hard to get. Therefore, many words describing the hot weather came into being.. Such as: scorching sun, scorching sun like fire, flaming umbrellas, Wu Niu panting on the moon, unbearable heat, hot chairs and seats, etc. This year, this uncertain climate has always caught people off guard. Although it has not yet reached the dog days, the continuous high temperature for many days makes people feel as if it is already a sea-sky cloud steaming and flowing golden stone, suffocating with dryness and heat.. Filled with heat waves, the fields were scorched dry and withered by the heat waves, but the long-lost rain was hidden without a trace and refused to come.. In summer, even if I stayed in the house, I was black and blue to promote the production of body fluid. The air conditioner in the house was buzzing with all its strength, and there was a great potential for front-line charge, but I did not know what the results would be.? The sparkling water of Hengshui Lake reflects dazzling white light under the strong sunlight, abandons the gentleness of the past, loses the charm of the past and appears worn out and fatigued.. Looking to the lakeside, the red lotus is tired, the birds are disgruntled, the willows are drooping, and the sailing boat is lethargic … ah, the vast world looks like everything, which is not happy or sad? It is not the sentimental literati who made up the story wantonly. They are alarmist and have to be in this situation.. Throughout the world, who can jump out of the three worlds? Immersed in the world of mortals?     In July, the summer mountain is as bright as the blue. Even so, July is of special significance in the minds of today’s people.. July 1st is not only the birthday of the Communist Party of China, but also the anniversary of Hong Kong’s return … In short, July is a memorable day. The first national congress of the communist party of China was held on July 23, 1921, and the party’s birthday is July 1. Why is the time different between the two? Why did July 1 become the party’s birthday anniversary? This has its special historical reasons. Comrade Mao Zedong proposed July 1 as the birthday anniversary of the communist party of China in may 1938. At that time, Mao Zedong put forward in his article ” July 1 this year is the 17th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.”. This is the first time that a leading comrade of the Central Committee has explicitly stated that ” July 1” is the anniversary of the birth of the Party.. Although the anniversary of the party’s birth is not a specific date for the party’s first congress, the glorious holiday of ” July 1” has been deeply engraved in the hearts of the whole party and the people of all ethnic groups in the country.. It has become an important festival that people commemorate every year and also a part of Chinese festival culture.. Hong Kong has always been an inseparable part of China’s territory. Hong Kong’s return to the motherland after a hundred years of vicissitudes is entirely due to Deng Xiaoping’s great strategic concept of’ one country, two systems’, which was put forward after careful consideration and finally achieved national unity and territorial integrity in a peaceful way. This is a great pioneering undertaking unprecedented in the history of China and foreign countries.. On July 1, 1997, President Jiang Zemin of the People’s Republic of China solemnly declared to the world in Hong Kong that the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China was established. Therefore, this day also became the anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland and a landmark feat..     The July of summer fumigation and scorching sun can also give more meaning. Even in many popular movies and television works today, the plot development and climax of many stories are as warm and free as the July storm.. You did not see Qiong Yao’s predecessors’ participation in the draft regulations, which was deeply misty and misty. The literary color was even more exaggerated. The heat of Yi Ping in the play was not as hot as that of July.? Such as ping’s gentleness is not like floating melon and sinking plum after the drizzle and cool breeze? It’s really the emotional entanglements that make it possible to promote the development of the plot, so as to fold up a wave of 30 % story lines, set off ups and downs of emotional waves, and deduce exciting and wonderful chapters.. Overlapping tears sealed the brocade words, life only love is difficult to die. The word’ emotion’ is indispensable to people. Therefore, it is always necessary to cut and manage the situation.. Looking at the world of mortals, during which time which character can abandon worldly desires and live alone in a corner, blocking all external sources? Unless it is truly extraordinary, it will not eat any earthly fireworks and strictly live with the world. As long as based on the world, no one can escape the tangle and confusion of the world of mortals. A friend once wrote in the article: ” The world of mortals will not roll, but sandstorms will roll.”. Although it is not a gorgeous speech, it is also more appropriate. After all, it reveals the dependent relationship between people and the environment..     Nowadays, the world advocates fashion avant – garde, and the movies and TV plays that keep pace with the times are the same, keeping up with the pulse of the times and people’s aesthetic standards. In recent years, court plays have been hotly debated, whether in the treading on thin ice Bill, the Palace Locked Citylink Bill or the Huanzhu Gege Bill, one after another, one after another, and with increasing intensity, there is an irresistible trend … Ah, no matter how the plot develops and the actors perform, it is always difficult to break away from the word ” feeling”. For this, Ben is also blameless. How can one leave love in one’s life? When the fetus begins to conceive its mother’s womb, it will feel the selfless greatness of a mother’s love, and the affection of blood thicker than water is born and has a long history.. It is said that a mother’s love is like a sea and a father’s love is like a mountain. Only after being a father can one deeply understand the seemingly stern and indifferent nature of his father, but it contains a burning passion. Only by entering the school did we know the chalk in the teacher’s hand, the hardships and expectations in the blackboard behind him, and the true meaning of the white hair on both temples. Only when it is dissolved in the army’s fiery melting pot can it be known that the iron man’s long war friendship is deep. Only after young love did you know the taste of olives is sour and sweet … Ah, you know the worldly wisdom when you enter the society, and all kinds of emotions in the world are complicated and wrong.. The long way of life, away from ignorance, walking through Jinse, throwing away passion, depositing abundantly, traveling differently, and feeling and feeling have also changed in essence..     Perhaps, it is the development of the times, and people’s ideology also changes immediately. For this reason, the world of mortals has also been misinterpreted: ” The world of mortals” means the meaning of worldly life.. In ancient times, the word ” world of mortals” was originally intended to refer to prosperous cities.From a poem by Ban Gu, a litterateur and historian of the Eastern Han Dynasty, who took part in the regulations of the Western Capital: ” The city of Khotan overflows with Guo, flows with hundreds of dust, the world of mortals mingles with the clouds of smoke.”. The main idea is to say, ” The dust ( the world of mortals ) raised by the noisy crowd gathered from all sides and filled the city with dust and smoke.. Later, ” the world of mortals” evolved into ” numerous and noisy markets”, explaining ” the world” and was first used by Buddhists, with the word ” the world of mortals” appearing in many Buddhist scriptures to refer to the world of mortals.. At the beginning of the regulations on participation in a dream of red mansions, the source of the stone was explained: ” it turned out to be a stone with no talent to fill the sky, a phantom world, and it was carried into the world of mortals by the boundless and ethereal reality, leading to a stone on the other side.”. ‘ This mysterious description is a fairy tale from a Buddhist family. Later, the world of mortals refers to this world, bustling with secular life. From the dust raised after the horses and chariots on the past dirt road, it is a metaphor for fame and fortune. Xu Ling took part in Luoyang Road Regulations: Green Willow, Dark Spring, More World of mortals, More Plays. The world of mortals refers to the secular world. The word was first used in the Li Tang dynasty. Because Chang ‘an is in the northwest, it is loess geology, Chang ‘an is always busy under the prosperous times, and the dust rolled up under the sunset was red to Chang ‘an people at that time, so there is a saying of the world of mortals.. So, how can the world of mortals roll in? How can people go beyond the world of mortals? The so-called ” seeing through the world of mortals” means that you should have a heart that embraces all things and use your heart to forgive and forgive all living things.. So understand, how can the world of mortals be broken? Is there a cliff in the world of mortals? No matter where the dust is busy, or the worldly life, it will always be the only environment for human survival, whether it is a mediocre life or a detachment that feeds itself by cutting off a taste, it will always be to enjoy the world of mortals and pace life.!     Young people are happy to learn new things, and old friends are fading away. All the vicissitudes of life in the world will always fall into the confusion of thinking chaos at some time.. When I gradually feel overwhelmed in my life, I will also feel confused. In order to solve this unexpected confusion, I wrote in my speech: ” When I feel that years make people’s life weak and pale, when I feel that years secretly mark irreparable marks on life and body, I often ask myself: Who am I?”? Where did I come from? Why did I go and where did I go? I don’t know what I really want to write down words that I can’t even understand myself and try to interpret the mood that I can’t even understand myself.. Maybe it’s amnesia? Maybe I’m really lost? Maybe there is a heart knot that can not be put down all the time? Maybe there are those wounds that seem to have healed already? I don’t know what I’m looking forward to. Can I come back as I have lost it?? Or new’ get’ can make up for once lost? Am I really as important in this world as they say? Why am I here? Why did I go? Where am I going? ‘ When the state of mind tends to calm down, I will go back to read it carefully and chew it slowly, and I will also lose my smile, since heaven gave the talent, let it be employed!! I’ll take the praise from my friends and colleagues first.     Life is a living textbook, from which we can read a lot and derive too much feeling: most people are just two parallel lines, each with its own life, without interference, without involvement, and without violating the river by well water.. Even if it’s close at hand, there won’t be any tie-ups for the rest of your life. And among these many parallel lines, there are also close ones, like this bank and the other bank of a river. Although there is a water connection, but also can only be looked at from a distance, can bless, can miss, but that’s all! After all, everyone has his own route. Because, this shore has this shore’s life, the other shore has this shore’s life, although years of meeting each other, it will always be just a beautiful miss. Sometimes, people are like two rays, even though they are far away from Qian Shan’s Wanshui River, there will be a day of intercourse.. Even if it’s just a brush, even if it’s just a look back, it’s not a pity after all. This kind of short knot, in the soft memories, often also has a different kind of care, a different kind of feelings. Perhaps, this kind of knot has nothing to do with the wind and moon, but it always reaches deep inside and haunts the heart.. Perhaps, this kind of knot is just an accident, just one more in each other’s hearts, that’s all! Between people, husband and wife are two intersecting line segments. There is only one intersection point in life, and they will not go far in life. The two sections of lines are mutually dependent and never separate. Two people, you have me, I have you. Two people, one point, plain and really plain, like and really like it.Even if you are a drop of rain, I will meet you, even if the day is wet and the ground is wet, so my heart will be wet, because you moisten my heart. I can’t help but sigh, how can we not cherish such a wonderful life? These insights are so angular in life that they are deeply engraved in the annual rings of time until eternity..     Why should I hate wheatgrass when she goes to rest? Xia Mu Yang Yin is lovely. In July, the dryness and heat of the air incited the world of mortals to spread, and all things passed on yin and yang, which constituted the reproduction of living beings. There was a certain pattern in things, and every existence must have its own reason. It depends on how you go to keep the appointment for a feast of the world of mortals and deduce a splendid chapter of the world of mortals’ life.. Dormant under the wings of July, let the pentium thoughts ebb and flow, the surging mood, the wonderful and dim days, the ambiguous and hazy feelings interweave . Ah, even if there are more troubles in the world of mortals, it will not reach the determination of self – determination.. All things are dyed in the world of mortals. There is no disconsolation, no sorrow, no revelry, no self-hatred or self – pity. If this is the case, it is safe!