A Xiang in Ward 7

I don’t know how to express my mood. It’s like being blocked by a wall and I can’t find a breakthrough..   I am an ordinary nurse, and I love my career very much. Patients also like my gentle character, so they mostly ask me for anything, saying that other nurses are too fierce and afraid, so I only have to be bullied.. However, I never complain about heaven, because our job itself is to give away roses and leave lingering fragrance, so I am also very happy to be able to do more for others..   However, there are also some patients who hold on to a small matter, and how to explain it is of no help and communication is laborious..   The other day I was on duty and the ward was very busy. I helped my colleagues who worked together change a bottle of medicine, but the result was not optimistic because of good intentions..   I walked into Ward 7 and went to the bedside of 23 beds to change the dressing for a patient named A Xiang. I saw that she left very little liquid medicine in the infusion set in order to save a drop of medicine. Even there was no liquid in the infusion kettle, and the blood vessels had returned to the blood and even some had solidified.. I vaguely heard others in the ward saying, ” This cheapskate is not very ill, miser’ I didn’t quite understand her behavior and didn’t think much at that time, so I came forward and kindly replaced her with a new infusion set. Unexpectedly, she flew into a rage and said to me angrily. ‘ Every day other people don’t change medicine like this, saying that I don’t know how to return to the moment, fake goods.   I patiently explained to her that she was more and more excited and seemed to be going crazy. She also said she doubted the ability of all doctors and nurses and was worried about her treatment. I’m not arguing. I’m only busy with other things..   Later, as soon as I saw or heard my voice, I cried at the top of my voice and asked what my name was and wanted to sue me. I was helpless and smiled..   Back home, the in the mind is very depressed. What kind of way should I treat my patients properly?? Did the harmony of human society really get stranded? I almost didn’t sleep a night.   As soon as I got to work the next morning, I quickly inquired about A Xiang. Some colleagues with bad temper gave me a good reprimand and said: ‘ You were right. What’s so terrible about it? Shame on the nursing team. I said it was because of me. I was very guilty. Then it was concocted: ” You are kind, helpful, what’s wrong, her A Xiang’s discomfort is her own affair, morbid, you’re really a fool’s errand.”.   I finally speechless, can’t help but blame myself, I don’t know what to do.   Later, the head nurse learned about this matter, not only didn’t criticize me, but also praised me, saying that I was a qualified nurse, helping colleagues voluntarily and communicating well with patients. Moreover, A Xiang was a bit abnormal, my service attitude was very good, and the whole ward praised me for being very sensible… Listen to the leadership, I seem to understand what, such a person, only she figured it out, can the big things become small and the small things become small.   I came to Ward 7 again with relief and happily communicated with the patient. Then A Xiang called my name again. I thought, disaster has come again.. I was about to explain to her, but she grabbed my hand and said: you are a good man, god bless you. For a moment, my melancholy thoughts vanished, and a warm current welled up in my mind. what a great thing it was to be understood and recognized.   I walked out of Ward 7 and imagined the old faces of A Xiang, just like my mother’s age. They had worked hard and saved for a lifetime and deserved our respect. Of course, I also understood A Xiang better..   Facing the summer in full of green outside the window, I started a new day’s work with confidence and passion I had never had before, and also with greater perseverance to explore my life’s mission.   Long live the understanding…………   Understanding our parents, understanding our children, understanding our brothers and sisters, understanding our loved ones, understanding our leaders, understanding our colleagues, classmates, companions, understanding our benefactors and enemies, understanding our society, understanding our patients and family members, understanding precious tears and smiles, understanding people who cannot help themselves, understanding conflicts between people and rejecting all understanding of the human world