A cultivated poultry

Rest for a whole day, turn off the phone, have invited at noon and night last night, quit unconsciously. And nearly a week of drinking, it is time to quit, take a rest, and then accompany the family. I made a meal at noon and did better in the evening. I prepared a chicken and a fish.. See if your craft is like the book says.     My wife said that moving this is related to participating in the hot broadcast of the Chinese regulations on the tip of the tongue. I laughed but did not answer. I looked at poultry meat with rising fragrance thoughtfully.. This kind of culture that has passed on for thousands of years, the unique Chinese diet tradition, and one of the nation’s treasures, up and down for thousands of years, or tens of thousands of miles, is due to the long history and wisdom of the plain quality of this nation in its secular life.. Thus, along with the development of human taste buds, the radiance, wind, rivers and mountains in this land rotate and rise together.     However, Hao Haolong River, the soil of conversation, what role will each body play in it? Drunken a few days ago, the strange dream appeared in extreme excitement and in the legendary drug-like illusion of prosperity.. Last night seemed to be just a moving picture, a self-directed TV series, about the memory and changes of childhood, and the fantasy and evolution of work in the workplace..     ‘ I am a talking domestic animal and a donkey that loses its direction and drags.. In the morning, I suddenly had nightmares because my heart was being examined in recent days, and I woke up from my dream and said the above words because of the increasingly overworked crisis and danger.. The dream image of the night before was followed by snakes, and even more surprising was that animals such as giant poultry as adults were working in dark areas like hell..     This kind of dream or reality makes me dream often, but it always exceeds my expectations and is full of scenes.. These are not real fields, are they other worlds? Are the so-called ghosts and demons the foreign bodies with different images and different scenes from time to time?? Terrible and supernatural, surprised and doubtful, such a dream or reality.     My soul, moving constantly between these two worlds, shuttles between the two interfaces. No, perhaps it was in the realization of the stars in the real work that another interface of writing and story came into being between the preparation of a dinner party in reality. In this more real land, more magical land, like the giant rooster, it dragged its plowshare and ploughed silently and surprised..