Thoughts on Reading and Participating in Youth Digest Regulations ( Part One )

Reading the ” Youth Digest” feels that life belongs to everyone only once, and all of them pass away like running water in a hurry, like moving around like stars and cannot be changed.. From the moment we were born, we were destined to experience the pain of life, old age, illness and death. In front of nature, we are so small and helpless. But at the same time, nature has also given us endless joy. Why should we tell about the injustice of heaven?? Grass can still live with relish, wildfire never quite consumes them, they are tall once more in the spring wind! Why can’t we?   The sun rises from the east and sets from the west every day, which is fair to everyone. Why do we have so many worries and worries? Because we can’t stay away from the noise of the world, we have too many leads. If we escape and shirk, what is the meaning of our life? Since we can’t choose, we can’t choose to hide, we should face up to everything in life – the laws of nature, the torture of nature, the honor and disgrace of nature, and the challenges of nature.. Maybe we will feel confused and tired all day long, but at least our life will be more wonderful, more meaningful than inaction, and our regrets will be less!   In the past, I rarely thought about these problems. I had enough food, nothing to do and had enough to live by.. But today, after I took part in the Youth Digest Regulations and perused the moving articles in them, I think each of us should not live like this any more.! My friend, take out the vigor of your youth! Make your life more wonderful.   Appreciation of the Artistic Conception of Tang Dynasty’s Farewell Poems by Luo Liheng from October 13, 2009 Tang Dynasty Poet Zheng Gu in< <淮上与友人送别> > wrote like this’ Yangzi river head Yangliuchun, Yanghua sorrow kills the person crossing the river”, describing a scene of spring and Jingming, with willows flying. under such beautiful scenery, it is the perfect time to have a good time with your wife and confidant.. But the author just wants to separate his wife from his friends and run away from each other, ” You have to make people sad and sad to kill my heart to Xiaoxiang and I to Qin” … Ah ……. Wang Bo, another talented poet of the Tang Dynasty, also wrote a farewell parting note in the regulations of farewell to vice-prefect du setting out for his official post in shu, but began by saying’ by this wall that surrounds the three Qin districts, through a mist that makes five rivers one’ describing the spectacular scenery surrounding Chang ‘an City in the Guanzhong area, standing beside Chang ‘an City, looking up, with smoke and difficulty in looking at Wujin.. Although it is the same as parting, one is the ferry of willow and willows and the other is the magnificent capital. Zheng gu’s poems are somewhat childlike compared with Wang bo’s.. Also on the emotional side of the poem, Zheng Gu wrote ” Yanghua sorrow kills the crossing man” and ” is unwilling, while Wang Bo wrote” and yet, while China holds our friendship, and heaven remains our neighbourhood ” without crying at the time of parting.. Although the two poems have their own wonders, on the whole, the realm and mind of Wang’s poems are much more lofty and open, and the sour mood and high style of the past farewell poems are exemplary.. It’s a pity that Wang Bo died young in middle age without pity. Otherwise, another artistic miracle will appear in Tang Dynasty poetry that we can’t enjoy..   Luo liheng, dongjia primary school, October 10, 2009[ responsible editor: yi er[ original ]