Flowers in the mirror, moon in the water, people in the fog

A cup of fragrant teas, with ancient rhymes encircling the corridor and beautiful sounds, flutters in the mood.. In the passage of time, let the heart of the vicissitudes of life be covered with a thick layer of dust, the flowers and flowers in the fog are not real, and the tears are pleasing to the heart and bitter. Scene still, people without a trace, my heart disappointed. My world, and a few people can understand? Summer, summer, winter, and the past will not be forgotten. Autumn Xie Chunrong, can’t see through the tender feelings. Four seasons cycle; Years continue, the moon is short and round, filled with countless love and hate feelings, and the eternal moon has witnessed how much love and touching it is.. Life is like a play, there will always be an opening, a climax and a ending. Everything will be like a mirror, slowly drifting away.. & no; Tides rise and fall, every day, flowers bloom and fall, and every year. Huafa was born early and dim to the mirror. Looking at the new scenery from year to year and sighing at the old age; I always lost myself in the night, my heart was helpless, fluttering and huhu, I don’t know where to go, the branches were clear and falling, breaking the quiet full moon in my heart and scattering it into torn pieces. Love words are too heavy. For thousands of years, how many romantic figures have fallen in love with each other. The fate of the two words, Buddhist ket, their excuses for themselves. The lost thing, after all, really existed. In desperation, we can only lament that heaven will decide everything. Looking at flowers in the fog, looking at the complexity of the world; Looking up to the moon in the water and looking at the world of mortals’ joys and sorrows, once the glory lost its color and remained unchanged, only this persistent sentimentally attached.     Only under the eyebrows, and in my heart, always like the cold and empty words, perhaps pain will make people feel more real.. Only when listening to the heart drop of blood alone can we clearly ask the world what emotions are and what things are feeling. Everything comes with the wind and goes with the wind. The deep pain in the corner of your eye breaks the hearts of each other’s vicissitudes of life.. Red bean grains, acacia tears; This life is no longer love, more unable to love. Thousands of melancholy mood, ups and downs, leaves fell and disappeared without a trace. Memory is far away and has become the most painful torture! Looking back in the dream, the lights are dim, and you can still see your sad face when it goes out! & no; Dust to dust, soil to soil, where come of, must go back to where. The world is full of frustrations and hardships, and it is disconsolate to see flowers in the fog. How much do people live for themselves after walking in this world? Cut constantly, manage still disorderly, calm, detached and calm, big understanding, quiet inside, speaking of simple and difficult work, how can one be ruthless without vegetation?? Tired heart, numb to everything, long night, lonely and tender. Past events and scenes are full of sadness and sadness, and one can only climb the high-rise building and hope for the end of the world, & no; A lake, a month, a life of pain hidden in my heart. Life is like a play, with joy and sorrow, and the curtain is on. Life is like a book, rolling and rolling. Mixed feelings; Life is like a dream, wind, frost, rain and snow, a pillow of yellow beams!. The clear tears of canthus doomed the end of dripping dust. All the incomplete, missed and missed things have been stuck to the hopeless waiting, wrong or right in their wandering life. It has become a foregone conclusion that they must give up at last. After enduring the last moment in their life, they buried their initial commitment and the deepest love in their lives in the deepest part of their hearts..[ Responsibility Editor: Men’s Tree ]