Grandpa’s hookah

Since I was a child, I have lived with my family in a boat of more than 10 tons. I have no room or land, and I have a floating house.. Since I was nine years old, I have been entrusted to my grandfather to go to school. After he retired, my grandfather and other retired employees were placed in the stables.. The so-called stable is said to be the place where the PLA used to raise horses, but after being abandoned, it was tidied up by the unit and became a place for retired workers to provide for the aged.. My primary school was spent in the stables.     Grandpa was born in the 19th century and went through the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China until liberation. A white mountain beard called’ Little Liu Zi, get my hookah’ when I was idle.. So I took the hookah to him with the fastest speed, helped him install tobacco first, then took the foreign fire to help him light the paper roll, then cocked up his legs, blew the paper roll, lit the flames, and clicked with the water in the hookah to suck a mouthful of smoke. The sound of smoke filtering in the water was really beautiful. After smoking, he would raise his head, spit out long smoke, wait for the smoke to go out, blow the ash, stroke his goatee, and then order me to do this.     I remember grandpa’s pension at that time was RMB 8 yuan per month, so he couldn’t bear to buy ready-made green stripes. he picked up cigarette butts dropped on the ground and came back to dry. by the time I went to school, it naturally fell on me. every Sunday morning, he definitely couldn’t sleep early, and at first light of day, he would kick me to wake up: little Liu zi, to pick up cigarette butts.. So I took a face of reluctance and filled the streets with old cigarette shells to pick up discarded cigarette butts from the ground one by one. It was a task to fill up two cigarette shells.. Although reluctant, I feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish this task.     Later, I learned that grandpa’s hookah was pure silver and heavy, weighing at least one kilo. at that time, he was smoking the dried tobacco I picked up from the ground with this pure silver hookah. it was actually very asymmetrical, it was like wearing a famous brand and wearing sandals on his feet..     Every time grandpa was pumping smoke, I would look at grandpa’s enjoyment with my chin up. at that time, grandpa was a face of kindness. I could hear the old man’s love and expectation for the next life in the sound of babbling, and my young heart was full of yearning for the future through the smoke. my thoughts rose with the smoke, and the smell of tobacco was full of warmth and affection. to this day, the floating smoke still passed through history, reminding me of the scene of the year.. When I was a child, my grandfather was my protector. He looked fierce, but he was not short of love and illiterate, but he taught me a lot of ways to be human. Later, he learned to participate in the three-character scripture of his brother, but he also felt deja vu. These were my earliest family education, because grandpa was my earliest navigator in this maze of life..     Out of curiosity, I will secretly pick up his baby while grandpa is away, learn to light a hookah and take a sip of it, but I can’t hear the sound of smoke filtering in the water as imagined. I sucked water full of nicotine, which is very embarrassing and I dare not try again from now on..     Grandpa will also tell me stories when he is happy. I don’t know where his illiterate belly comes from so many stories, idioms, allegorical sayings and some of his rules that can’t be improved. Don’t talk when you eat. He calls it: Eat without saying a word and sleep without saying a word. There are rules when eating food: watch food and watch rice. It means don’t eat the food before eating the rice. Don’t light a lamp and read a book at night. It’s called ” Consuming lights and consuming oil.”. In particular, the shadows he told in my young mind have affected me for decades. He told me that a snake swam into a person’s stomach when it was convenient in the grass, and later gave birth to many small snakes. Since then, I have not dared to go out at night for convenience, and my eyes have not dared to leave the dirtiest place every time it is convenient.. He also told the story that when snakes came to retaliate against people, they would swim to the top of mosquito nets and bite a small hole, dropping venom into the mouths of sleeping people and poisoning them. As a result of this story, I never dared to sleep on my back..     The hookah is grandpa’s baby. wherever people go, the hookah must follow him. Our hometown people call the youngest uncle master, the master is a soldier. he just retired from the army when I was in school. every time he came, he also shouted at me to give him grandpa’s hookah for a second addiction. grandpa also said nothing but took the hookah silently and continued smoking a few mouthfuls after the master finished smoking it..     After the oil lamp goes out in the evening, it’s the norm for the house to be full..     When I was a child, I had a unique feeling for cigarettes. It was a kind of warmth, a reunion, a family affection. I wouldn’t be lonely where there was smoke, and where there was smoke, there would be family companionship..     Grandpa returned to his hometown in Yancheng in 1973. I didn’t see him again until his death in 79. The father and his five brothers only brought back grandpa’s baby, the hookah, after grandpa’s death. I cried in the middle of the night with grandpa’s hookah and could no longer smoke cigarettes and pick up cigarette butts for grandpa.. My character today is somewhat similar to my father’s, with a heavy nostalgia. My father brought back all his thoughts about my grandfather.. Every time I see this hookah, grandpa’s old every move will reappear in my mind.     His father died in 1986, leaving behind him only the only legacy his grandfather had left him. It carries a history and a family history, simple and plain.. The same is true of life, not seeking riches and honour, but seeking spiritual permanence.