Forty – nine, the son spread his wings and flew both

At dawn, I came to my son’s bed and studied his sleeping son. For many years it has been a great pleasure for me to appreciate my son. They are so cute, fresh lips, high nose bridge, naughty eyes, raised eyebrows like a pair of wings, flying to the mystery of life – they have seen thousands of familiar faces and still let mother never tire of watching them like that.     But the eyes hanging down at this moment cover the sun and the moon. What do you say in your sleep?? Hear. I have always regarded talking as an undecipherable password, but I like to listen to it, especially watching a glimmer of light quietly walk up and down the window lattice in this murmur..     Twenty years of cold and summer, my son grew up day by day under my gaze . The morning of September 5, 2009 was bright and sunny with pleasant autumn colors. The warm sun shone through the light clouds on the window and seemed particularly cordial, as if to see his sons off. I wake up my sweet sleeping son and silently make breakfast for you. The son is about to travel far away, for ideal for ambition. I believe that every chance of life, the day we meet together, will surely stop in the rush of his life. Think of you who have never left your mother and are about to fly away from the nest to start a new journey. A little sour but warm in your heart, there is a sense of loss from your son, but more of a sense of happiness..     For the first time, my son went out of town, and my mother also cooked six eggs for you, bought two pieces of snow cake and prepared a red envelope to express my mother’s blessing to you, according to the custom of the previous generation. The previous generation said it was lucky to go out in this way..     Just after washing up, the sons slowly prepared to pack up and it was eight or nine o’clock in the morning, when bright sunlight shone on the top of the city’s tall buildings, and aluminum alloy windows were painted with gold rings one after another, reflecting brilliant and dazzling light.. Little uncle, little aunt came to see me off early. aunts ( my iron buddy Hua ying ) drove to the railway station with plenty of luggage, and everyone was busy loading the car..     The car started slowly and my uncle lit a whip. Listening to the whipping sound that faded away, I was both happy and worried in my car. My sons left, carrying bags and bags, walking in their world.. Perhaps I will never walk into the vision of my sons. My short life and every step of the design will be a foregone conclusion, unable to return or rewrite..     Unconsciously, the car has already entered the railway station. Our mother and son got on the train and saw that all the cars were filled with parents sending their children to school. This shows how happy the children are now.!     We talked all the way and talked with our sons most about the meaning of life, conveying to them the life experience I have accumulated for more than 40 years. I hope you will walk more steadily, better and less detours.. On the stage of life, whether you perform brilliantly or not, the curtain will be closed and many comforting and irreparable regrets will inevitably remain.. So, as long as you do it seriously, you don’t have to regret it. I also talk to you from time to time about how to manage money and teach you how to spend it. Thrift and thrift, especially in today’s material abundance, are even more valuable. You will be treated as being paid every month. You can only get so much each month. How to spend it is the most important consideration..     As the saying goes, ” Poor sons and rich daughters”,’ Children from poor families take charge early”, if boys live in a particularly rich material environment from an early age, they tend to form a sense of superiority.. Don’t most children from rich families become dandies? For many years, my mother has adhered to a creed: ” Never give too much money to children to form the habit of spending money indiscriminately.”. ‘ Controlling the living environment in which you spend your money is more conducive to shaping your positive and striving psychology, so that you have a sense of responsibility, endurance and ability to endure hardship from an early age.. Originally, in this society, men are under a lot of pressure. If they have been smooth since childhood and don’t have to work too hard, they can get a lot of things. If they encounter setbacks in the future, they will not be able to bear it, or they will not be able to bear too much pressure and easily give up.. You say so, don’t you?     At about three o’clock in Nanchang, your eldest brother ( the son of the eldest uncle ) Kang Ming has already been waiting at the station to help us arrange accommodation. He has been busy these days..     The big guy reported for duty on the 5th and 6th in two days. We came to the big guy’s school on the 6th. The school was very wide. As soon as we entered the gate, we walked along with the’ minority undergraduate’ they wrote. There were already senior students waiting for us there, helping us report for duty, getting quilts and military uniforms.. Because we were one day late, some classmates who arrived on the 5th of the 4th had already started military training. when they led us to the apartment building with ” ethnic minority undergraduate” written on it, they saw the four beds and four cupboards with a toilet, wash basins and clothes airing inside.. I was relieved to have a comfortable feeling. The first one in the same dormitory was from Inner Mongolia and the second was from Jilin. Seeing that the children were polite, they became familiar with each other in a few minutes.. I also left the big guy’s school at ease.     The little guy reported on the 10th. My nephew Kang Ming and I came to the campus. There may be three miles from the gate to the place of accommodation.. Seeing cars parked on both sides of the road became a long line, all of which were for children to go to school. As soon as I arrived, I met a teacher elder sister who happened to be from Nankang. She received us warmly. I saw every new student’s face filled with a joyful smile, especially the eyes that the parents who were with them expected from them, and they were in the same mood as we were at this time.. Now the school environment is quite good. The two sons’ school accommodation is very good. Boiling water, bath water and meals are all punched in. This is also quite convenient.     When the boy finished the check-in formalities, the teacher asked the students not to wear long hair and hand ornaments, and the instructor would come to each dormitory to check at 7: 00 p.m. It seems that the big school system is strict.. My son is still very obedient. He went to have his hair cut with him when he finished reporting. He had a haircut almost like a bald head. His son secretly smiled. He didn’t like short hair and became a mute eating Coptis chinensis. He had a hard time accompanying him on the seven-day trip. He still wanted to be separated from them. The moment of separation between mother and son seemed to have frozen. At this moment, we all don’t know what to say and don’t know where to start comforting each other. He suddenly felt that his son had grown up a lot and understood a lot.. I secretly shed tears . Ah, my son’s home was left out in the cold again. My life is starting again, laughing in the past, when will I come again … Ah, stare at this quiet home and look at the empty rooms of my sons at night. I tidy up the books and clothes left by my sons, feeling a sense of loss rising from the bottom of my heart and feeling that my heart is empty, as if my heart was stuck on my son and taken away by him.! Think about the lovely laughter filled with children’s interest in everyday life, when can we return to the happy reunion and have unlimited affection? At this moment, I really felt the taste of ” worry about children traveling thousands of miles”!     The scenes of the past, like the movie pictures, are so beautiful and warm.I’m thinking that even if a person owns the world, he has lost the warmth of his family and the care and blessing of his relatives. It doesn’t make any sense to live. Family is bigger than day, and family has a career.. When will my heart be relieved. People are really travelers, always walking on the journey without stopping. Life is a mystery, with many secrets and unknowns hidden in it … Ah, our son went to college, we successfully completed a major event in life, and his son started a new study and life.. We returned to the first two-person world ( it was actually a one-person world, when he rarely came home and already had his new home full of passion ). My son has grown up and will always leave his parents. We sincerely wish them a day of their own..