Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in mid-June opening of the Central waterfront materials attract customers 160,000

May 24, Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival held a press conference to introduce the event details。
China news agency, Hong Kong, May 24 – Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival will be held June 10 to 12 for the first time held in the Central waterfront。 Carnival organizers expect to attract the public, including tourists, including about 16 million passengers admission, about the same time the venue can accommodate 4,000 to 5,000 people。 Dragon Boat Festival held a press conference on the 24th, presentation event details。 According to reports, it will be held during the current Carnival "Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races" is the oldest modern dragon boat race attracts teams from around the world participating each year。
This year's tournament is now in its 40th anniversary, there will be approximately 4,000 participants from 14 countries and regions compete for a total of 24 trophies。
During the carnival, the Central waterfront will feature "Qinziyueyuan" provides a number of interactive games, music party, circus clowns, marching bands, African drumming, samba dance performances and other flow。 The site also features hold dragon boat and dragon boat drum furnishings exhibition featuring dragon boat exhibits designed by the artist, including a total length of 11 meters, with Oracle presented "Dragon Boat Race" features exhibits。
Hong Kong Tourism Board program and tourism products to expand Mason Hung, general manager said in an interview, carnival total expenses of approximately HK $ 20 million, mainly for track construction and performance arrangements, facilities expenses。 Is expected to attract tourists 40,000 people, mainly from the mainland and other parts of Asia, due to geographical convenience, I believe will attract some visitors stay in a hotel near Central admission。
This year the track of 500 meters to 400 meters, I believe the game will be more intense atmosphere。 Fire Island West have taken the participating dragon boat team Rui Chang said that after the change in the middle of the track can catch up with the shorter distance, so grab a head start becomes more important。 As usual training range in 200-500 meters, he was confident the game。
(Reporter Zeng Ping)。

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