Father quit smoking

Father has given up smoking for ten years. I haven’t seen him smoke in this decade. Sometimes relatives and friends pass expensive cigarettes to him, and he resolutely refuses to do so. This makes me hard to believe how can I quit smoking cleanly in the past 40 years! I asked him, he said in this world, nothing can be given up as long as there is a hard heart.. When I was young, my father often asked me to buy him cigarettes. At that time, I didn’t have a glass counter high in the store, and I always stood tiptoe to pass the money to the boss. The boss listened to the radio, humming briskly to the tune of the Henan Opera inside. He paused to ask me what brand of cigarettes I bought. I parrot the Wulin brand. After the boss took the money, he took a box of cigarettes from the shelf and bent down to hand it to me. That kind of cigarette has 20 cents a box and no filter. The red cigarette case was printed with two characters in combat positions. When he got home, his father tore open the cigarette case and took out two cigarettes, one in his mouth and the other in his ear for extraction. Then he skillfully lit a match and a flame floated to his mouth to ignite the cigarette.. He began to puff and puff like a big chimney. My mother hated my father for smoking and earnestly advised him to give up smoking.. He sternly refused, saying, ” I have been smoking since I was a teenager, and smoking has become my lifeblood.”. You want me to quit smoking unless you kill me! As a result, they often quarrel and even fight for smoking. I remember one day when my father smoked at dinner, my mother took the smoke from his mouth and threw it on the ground and stamped it out. He broke into a furious rage, hitting his mother with his fist, overturning the table and breaking the dishes all over the floor.. I was so scared that I hid behind the door and cried. About fifteen years later, father’s addiction to cigarettes has increased steadily. I went home after the college entrance examination and waited for the results to be announced. That day, my father was busy installing water pumps to irrigate the fields by the machine wells in the field.. He took out his cigarette case from his pocket and found only one cigarette left, so he asked me to buy him one. As he spoke, he pulled out a handful of small change from his pocket and handed it to me with his muddy hand. I rode my bike quickly in the green fields, crossing the potholed boulevard to the village store to buy cigarettes for my father. The store has only one door open. I knock knock went in and saw the light inside was dark and the boss was drowsy in a wooden chair.. The sound waves of the radio still reverberate in the room. I said buy a box of cigarettes. The boss stretched out his waist and stood up and asked me what brand I wanted. I said ” Sanhua”. The cigarette case of Sanhua brand has the image of Tiannv Sanhua printed on it. It has a filter tip and sells for two dollars a box.. He took the cigarette out of the old shelf and handed it to me. When the boss handed me the cigarette, I found I was a head taller than him. He is already old. I handed the cigarette to my father. I saw a lot of white hair on his sideburns. His back turned rickets. He squatted on the ridge to smoke a cigarette, burning bright sunlight on his dark face, and soon he was covered with plumes of smoke.. He suddenly coughed to reveal his teeth blackened by smoke.. I went to him and advised him to give up smoking. He had a much better temper and smiled and said to me that he would quit smoking after I went to college.. I heard that he would live ten minutes less for every puff of smoke. He wanted to live a few more years, see me get married, see me buy a house and settle down in the city, see my children get married and have children . Ah, my father did quit smoking after I went to college, which was fulfilling his promise to me.. My mother also told me on the phone that my father rarely coughed since he did not smoke and was better than before, and found that he had saved a lot of change in his pocket every time he washed his clothes.. Father quit smoking and taught me a lesson in life.In my life, some greed makes me uneasy and makes me tired physically and mentally, but I like to be possessed and addicted, and I will not regret until death.. These avarice unknowingly nibbles at my life, nibbling at my original dream, and nibbling at my living dignity. I am dying quietly as if I had been injected with the medicine of euthanasia. At this time, my father always seemed to tell me by my side: ” Children, you don’t have to live in such pain, nor do you have to live in such a mess. You have to be ruthless and know how to give up.”. ”