Eldest brother, are you all right in heaven . ah

[ Guide ]: The eldest brother’s life was miserable and he was also a victim of close marriage.. If the country had already introduced the policy of forbidding close relatives to marry, perhaps the eldest brother’s life would be a different scene, and he would not die prematurely because of his hard work, but now everything is in vain.   If you don’t die, eldest brother just 60 this year.   I was not surprised when I learned that my eldest brother died, because I knew for a long time that he had been in poor health, but in my heart, I was extremely sad..     The eldest brother was born in 1949 and is the same age as New China, so his name is Chai Xinguo. He is the eldest son of the eldest father and also the eldest of our family’s peers. Although I have only cousin relationship with him, in my heart, there is not much difference between him and his brothers..     The eldest brother was about two years old, and the eldest father and mother were divorced. Because the eldest father was teaching outside, he entrusted the eldest brother to his fourth brother, that is, my father. From then on, the eldest brother became a member of my family.. My father joined the army in 1958, called the Chinese People’s Volunteers. The garrison was located in he cheng, and he entered North Korea for two years. When he retired from the army, he had a chance to stay in the city and work in Shenyang or Xi ‘an, but he finally gave up under the attack of grandma’s tears.. I don’t know what grandma thought in those days, but from her mother’s mouth, it is an indisputable fact that her father raised her eldest brother for many years.. In fact, I didn’t know the specific situation at that time. Everything was just a concatenation of childhood memories and gradually turned into today’s memories..     Father married only in the early 1960s. When he took over the eldest brother, he was actually a bachelor. After I was born in the middle of the sixties, I also vaguely remembered the elegant demeanour of the eldest brother when he was young.. The most impressive time was when the eldest brother was drunk and singing. The strange appearance of ” humming and chattering” was somewhat funny and more frightening, so that our children had to stay far away. This was the only time I saw the eldest brother drunk, but this life has become eternal … Ah, my father was a master of abacus calculation, so he was able to work as an accountant in the commune for many years. Although I did not understand the calculation rules of abacus calculation when I was young, I was really envious to hear the sound of ” scratching and beep”. In my memory, my father taught my eldest brother how to calculate and also taught him accounting knowledge from time to time. As a result, my eldest brother not only became a local expert in accounting business, but also gradually became an accountant of the rural credit cooperatives by the production team accountant and production team leader. Of course, my father’s painstaking efforts are indispensable and also inseparable from my eldest brother’s own nuns.. Many years later, when I recalled this fragment in dribs and drabs, I naturally had a different taste in my heart, because I had never received abacus training, but actually had to take abacus test in the military academy in the 1980s and won the title of level 4 in the only grading.. Today, I also think naively that I don’t know who has the highest abacus level with my father and eldest brother. Unfortunately, they have passed away for many years..     When the eldest brother married, my cousins and I were naturally happy for quite a while, because the countryside, where cultural life is scarce, has always lacked vitality, and the wedding ceremony is the most lively scene.. When my sister-in-law entered the bridal chamber, we had a lot of fun in our childhood, but in fact we didn’t know the meaning of marriage between men and women at that time.. In fact, my sister-in-law is the eldest daughter of Sir Zhong ( Second Aunt, Huang Gang’s title ), that is, my cousin. Although she is ten years older than me, it is coincidentally my birthday on the same day.. In those days, it was natural for cousins to marry. What’s more, Cousin also looked pretty, but I never thought that the eldest brother’s marriage was the beginning of a nightmare – the eldest brother and eldest daughter were born in 1974, and our elders, who were a few years older, were very happy and always rushed to play with them.. Looking at her appearance, she is very clever and looks clever, but her study is not satisfactory. She only studied in the first grade of primary school for three years, and ultimately it is difficult for her to live in primary school. This is rare in our family that is good at culture.. The two women, Chun Xiao, were even more miserable. They suffered from mental illness in their teens. The eldest brother took him to medical treatment for many years without success, and he still keeps his clothes hidden behind closed doors to this day.. Although there are no obvious defects in the three girls chun Rong, she is also of inferior intelligence, because she has no outstanding points. Hao, the only son, was also the eldest brother’s all hope. At the age of 24, he worked in Beijing and did nothing. He also performed the worst among the next generation of adults in the family, because he was full of university scholars with his peers, such as Jilin University and Naval Engineering University.. More sadly, the eldest sister-in-law also suffered from mental illness more than ten years ago . Ah, the eldest brother’s life was tragic, and he was also a victim of close marriage.. If the country had already introduced the policy of forbidding close relatives to marry, perhaps the eldest brother’s life would be a different scene, and he would not die prematurely because of his hard work, but now everything is in vain. Like the eldest father, the eldest brother also suffered from severe lung disease for several years. Due to the limitation of medical conditions, years of treatment have yielded little results, coupled with poor physical quality and overwork, he finally died in 2001. His departure has cast a thick shadow over his already troubled family..     Eldest brother’s life is also happy, he also added glory to the huge family. Although his achievements in life are not worth mentioning, his career is not a success, and his position is even more impossible to talk about, he is a model for everyone in the surrounding villages in life.. It should be said that he is a successful person among the farmers. After all, the countryside is different from the city. His persistence, his character, his character and his sentiment are deeply affecting the people around him, including the people and outsiders.. Granny has two women and six sons, and my cousins have 22 people ( half male and half female ). As the eldest, he was the joy of the family and will certainly be treated like a star and a moon when he was born, just like his daughter was born.. When his father died, he had decided to take over from his eldest brother, but he gave up his plan to be a city citizen. One is for his sister who graduated from high school, the other is for a family that is hard to come by without him. However, no matter from that point of view, his kindness and simplicity are undeniable.. Although he was bitter, he was broad – minded; Although he was tired, he was optimistic. Although he is poor, others are not poor, because he has a good mentality and pursuit, which makes him full of reverie and longing for life, and because he consciously has a great responsibility, he has the motivation to pursue continuously.. Every little progress, he will be infinitely pleased. Every small success, he will certainly hope to be reborn. How can his life not be happy in the constant cycle of reciprocation??!     Eldest brother’s life is short, but also brilliant. It is because of the disasters he has encountered that he has shouldered a great responsibility and the significance of life is remarkable. Life is not enjoyment but giving. When he knew that he was going away from the world of mortals, perhaps he had many words to say in his heart and many things to hand over to future generations, but when he was satisfied, he could not speak for himself, and all the words were only to be recounted in the next life, which was not only a pity when he died, but also a sadness for the living.. Perhaps, death is a kind of relief, especially for those who are as hard to live as their eldest brother, but for those who are alive, it will never be possible to give up the strong affection. The eldest brother paid too much in his life, but the return was extremely limited, but that was the case in his life, and the pay was often inversely proportional to the return..     The eldest brother’s life is always fixed at 52 years old. Eight years later, I still remember that the eldest brother has not gone away. His voice, face, voice and actions have always been deeply branded in my mind.. The past is like a dream. I hope eldest brother will be blessed and expensive in the afterlife, not only will he stay away from the sufferings of this life, but he will also turn this life’s dream into the reality of the afterlife.. The sufferings of the past have turned into filar silk feelings, and the happy past is doomed to never come back to life. In heaven, the eldest brother may be much less painful and happier, but I firmly believe that he still can’t give up the affection of the world of mortals, even though he has family reunions there: grandparents, parents, two aunts and uncles, 2345 – 6 and ErNian, two cousins and three cousins … Ah, in the world, the eldest brother has given my family a lot of care and help and cared for my life, though he never spoke generously and never spoke too much.. Especially after I left my hometown for many years, my heart is always full of regrets every time I remember the lost time.. Over the years, I didn’t give much help to my eldest brother, nor did I give him due rewards. I can only turn my burning enthusiasm into a string of words to show my recollection, and my infinite yearning into a driving force to show my gratitude.. A few years later, when I was able to meet you in the wind, I told you the previous story slowly. Now, for my brother, I can only turn tears into love rain with sadness..     Eldest brother, when you leave, your loved ones feel sad, but please rest assured that with your brother’s careful arrangement, with two married daughters on duty once a year, and with the help of other loved ones, your family’s life has stabilized and the broken family has gradually improved, and may become better and better in the days to come.. After all, the past is over. I hope you will forget the troubles of the world and look for your happiness in heaven. The affection of this life can no longer be continued. If there is an afterlife, I also want to be your younger brother, and I will be glad to find out how to get along with you all the time..     ” Eldest brother, eldest brother, how are you?” A gentle song wafted in the wind, suddenly, my thoughts were ruthlessly pulled back to reality from the depths of my memory.. At this moment, what I want to know most is: eldest brother, are you all right in heaven …[ responsible editor: Chloe ]