Call my mother again tonight

Call my mother again tonight, Li Shunxi. I study in Shencheng, my father works in Guangxi, and my mother works in agriculture at home: we are based in three places.     In the days of studying in Shencheng, I like to call my mother at 8pm every other month.. Because, at 8: 00 p.m. – prime time, it is also the moment when the mother can just relax after a day of lawton..     Time slipped away quietly: Tonight, I opened the phone’s call record and found that I hadn’t called a mother who was home for more than a month.. Recent experiments have been very busy! Because the signal in the corridor inside the building was not good, I hurried down the stairs, stood on the sidewalk in front of the building and called my mother.     Tonight, the night sky is clear, white moonlight is gently sprinkled on the quiet campus, the dancing posture of the nearby willow trees is clearly visible, and the mirror moon lake close to the sight has also put away its usual passion, and at this time it becomes serene and quiet.. Everything seemed so calm and beautiful!     The phone is through. At the other end of the phone, my mother complained that you haven’t called me for a long time, Sheer.. I smiled, and then I was busy asking, when did I get home today and have dinner? Are you watching TV? Are you tired or not today? Ah answered my question, my mother said happily. Aunt Zhang in the village got up early in the morning to pick mushrooms in the woods in the back mountain. She also got a lot of harvest, picked a big basket of fresh mushrooms and sent a bunch to the four aunts next door.. After a while, I’ll pick them again, pick them back and dry them, and you’ll come back to cook them for you.. At this moment, I imagined that in the kitchen, I was sitting in front of the stove, burning red, jumping flames dancing happily with the figure I reflected on the wall.. Mother is free to hold the spoon. For a moment, under the dim incandescent light, a plate of attractive mushrooms was rising with hot air on the fading square table, which was unforgettable and delicious.! This is an interesting and warm scene! I’m looking forward to saying, that’s good. From the other end of the phone came mother’s happy laughter.     A quarter of an hour later, after the call with my mother was over, I was ready to go upstairs. At this time, the phone rang again. It was from Guangxi’s father. Father always asked me at the end of the conversation if there was anything else. I said with a little regret, nothing special. Because, I think, the recent days are so ordinary that they have not won any prizes or special news. Suddenly, I told my father about my mother picking mushrooms at home. Who knows, father said angrily, told her not to go, she will go. At six o’clock in the morning, there was much dew on the mountain and the humidity was heavy. Your mother’s body! You advised her. Father is always like this!     However, my father’s words suddenly reminded me that one year my mother came back from Guangxi with two bags of things, but within two days my mother fell ill. I hurriedly called in the village doctor. The doctor said that mother suffered from the cold. Watching the needle in the doctor’s hand slowly plunge into the mother’s back, I felt an inexplicable and uncomfortable feeling. I was deeply impressed by the process of slowly plunging the needle into the back of my mother’s hand.. After recovering from the illness, my mother remembered that when she got off the bus in Nanning, there was a drizzle in Mao Mao. I imagined the figure of my mother who was carrying two bags of things in the wind and rain..     Therefore, I think that the human body is very fragile and may fall ill inadvertently for seemingly insignificant reasons.. Sometimes, we don’t even know why. As at this moment, my mother went to pick mushrooms. The dew on the mountain may make mother ill. With such worries, I dialed my mother’s phone again after I finished talking to my father … Ah, when I returned to the building, everything outside the window still looked so calm and beautiful.!     January 2, 2012 in Shanghai