Anecdotal of Brother Six

Yellow sand blotted out the sun, desert gobi, business trips stopped, birds disappeared, only walker did not want to stop walking. The wind billows in anger, the boundless sea, the boats moored and the fish disappeared. Only Monkey refused to slow down the pace of the voyage.. Struggle with fate and move towards faith. Although he has repeatedly failed, it is difficult to change his ambition. Six elder brothers are such walkers..     My family’s seven brothers, without sisters or sisters, often made their parents difficult during the famine of the 1950s and 1970s.. In the winter of 1981, the 51 – year – old father died of esophageal cancer, making life at home worse. After listening to her mother’s story about severe rheumatism in the spring of 1975, she entrusted her elder brother, who was over four years old, to her sister-in-law in the city to look after her for a period of time.. The elderly grandmother went to Xinyang to see a doctor and took him home by the way. Liao Chuanzhong, a tractor driver who met the brigade at the turnout in Minggang, delivered the goods and took the train home.. Six elder brother shouted to release his hand, but he was inadvertently left behind. In the middle of the day, grandma found her grandson missing and wept bitterly.. Liao drove back to look for it and saw at a glance a woman carrying a rice transplant who wanted to leave with her sixth brother, and hurriedly stopped it.. Every time my mother talked about this matter in her later years, she always sighed, ” If I had been adopted to a family with a good family, I wouldn’t have suffered with me.”. I didn’t know anything about mathematics when I was in primary school. Six elder brothers helped me with the addition of seven, and also taught my classmates to bully me. It has become my anchor.. In the third grade, we and our two partners in the village often gathered in the school forest after school to play cards with paste, betting on books and homework papers until the sixth brother was admitted to the town junior high school. One of the most unforgettable things happened in late September 1980. At dusk, brother Liu and I frolicked in the paddy fields ploughed by the old house. Large areas of ploughshare soil are inclined to depend on each other, and the green and yellow rice stubble emits fragrance. We picked up stones and cloaks and smashed each other. Brother Six couldn’t dodge being hit by a cloaks and crouched down burying his face in it.. At first I thought he was a disguise, but then when I saw the situation was serious, I hurried away.. Later, I learned that the sixth brother’s forehead was accidentally thrown and scratched, bleeding profusely..     After I got into the town junior high school in 1984, I slept with sixth brother on the desk in the classroom because of the tight bunk.. Jin Yong and Liang Yusheng were popular at that time. Six elder brothers often borrowed many martial arts novels to read. After the evening study, I took advantage of the time to browse for a while. I was half-finished with a group of chivalrous heroes such as Guo Jing, Ling Huchong, Zhang Danfeng and Chen Jialuo. My heart was sweeter than honey.. At that time, six elder brothers often took me along the river channel with my net bag and washbasin, splashing water to catch fish in summer and breaking ice cubes to scoop fish in winter, feeling that the days were especially full.     Two years later, the sixth brother who graduated from junior high school went home to work in agriculture at the age of 16. In fact, he reviewed for a year and was expected to enter a key high school.. In the first month of 1992, Liu Ge wanted to work in Xinjiang with his cousin. Who expected to go astray halfway, he defected with his classmate’s brother to Liao Mou, the eldest brother of the police in the Second Construction of Urumqi City Corps, to work as a temporary worker in 200 yuan with a monthly salary at the site of the 3rd Team Happiness Road directly under him.. Due to bad conditions, brother Liu unfortunately contracted tuberculosis and was forced to return in early September. Before he left, he asked Liao Mou to collect half a year’s salary that had not yet been settled, but the result was nowhere to be seen.. Six elder brothers treated and nursed at home for more than half a year. Although the disease was cured, a section of the spine on the back was bent and deformed due to long-term calcification. It was like Tang Sanzang carrying a bag to fetch scriptures..     In order to earn extra money, the elder brother of the family grows wheat every year, carries a shovel and carries a snake skin bag to dig out eel to sell money, often does not come back at noon, runs twenty or thirty miles hungry, and digs eel a kilo a day.. Because of the scarcity of eel, the price has risen all the way from 5 to 6 yuan per catty to 17 to 8 yuan. However, it is not easy to dig holes and hunt, sometimes catching one or two wild old turtles can be regarded as making a fortune in autumn..     In March 2001, Liao Mou, who returned home for the New Year, could not resist the temptation to hire a high salary, and wanted to recover the unprovoked’ evaporated’ half-year salary. Liu Ge and his fellow villagers set foot on the gold rush again.. After going there, I found it was a scam. The electrician, the salary of 3500 yuan a year and the package fare are just some bait. More than 30 people only got work from the construction site of the National Hospital Residential Building and Qijiangtai Road Boiler Plant contracted by Liao Mou, leaving 10 people after many twists and turns.. In the middle of TWELVE month, Liao only settled his salary at 2,000 yuan per person, paying half first and bringing back the balance during the Spring Festival.. Six elder brother and four others did not comply, and Liao wrote another thousand two hundred IOUs. Apart from the round-trip travel expenses, there are very few wages left. A few years later, when Liao Mou came back for the New Year, Liu Ge was called to the door to force back 1200 yuan, and the remaining 1000 yuan hit Shui Piao.. Two times of work in Xinjiang left the weak sixth brother with severe physical disability and unbearable heartache..     Over the next three years, six elder brothers helped the white-haired old mother cook at home and learned how to cook.. During the busy farming season, the sixth brother was busy with farm work and had to cook again when he came back. It was rare for him to stop for a moment.. The following year, after handling her mother’s funeral, Brother Liu and his fellow villagers gathered rags in the south and cycled around the village every day for more than a hundred miles. In 2006, the tattered business was bleak. Six elder brothers hired workers to enter the electroplating workshop of a hardware factory in Jiaotang Town, Gaoyao City. They were all in the corrosive and stimulating environment of chemical solution and had a dull sense of smell.. Thanks to hard work and reality, Liu Ge gradually won the favor of the workshop director and the factory director, with his salary rising from the original 13400 yuan to 23000 yuan.. Seeing the sixth brother breaking out of the way in the south, the fourth brother and the fifth brother of the family also followed him into the factory to work and earn money to supplement the family. The three men set out at the end of October each year, quit their jobs and returned home the following year before and after Qingming Festival to participate in the busy spring sowing and autumn harvest, just like a flock of migratory birds, heading south for food in winter and returning to their native land in spring when flowers bloom in the north..     If you don’t change your journey in the hot sun, don’t change your faith in the wind and rain, don’t change your morale in setbacks, don’t change your direction in climbing, iron feet on the long march, and cross the river with one reed, brother Liu is a true walker, who will never tire of running on the long journey of life – walker is boundless.