A letter to her daughter

Xixi: My dear daughter, today you are going to take off your red scarf and put on your badge. Your father and I are looking forward to seeing your sunny appearance. It must be the most beautiful and happy..     The most tangled thing in the world is time, because it always makes us happy for a while and worry for a while.. The joy is to watch your baby grow up day by day, and the sorrow is that your wrinkles also grow up day by day.. I’ve always thanked God because it gave us the most precious gift. This is you. Since you came into my life, my life has really become full and meaningful.     Chat with friends and hear some parents complain about the hard work of raising children. I don’t complain, because this kind of hard work is valuable, because you bring us much more happiness than this kind of hard work. Little by little in your growth process has been engraved in my mind, and every scene will make my mouth rise in retrospect. For ten months, you shouted’ mother hugs’ with your small hands open, and pointed to the small store to shout’ buy sugar candy’; At the age of one, you stumbled, fell and cried countless times. At the age of three, you cried and didn’t want to go to kindergarten. I cruelly stuffed you into the teacher and turned around and walked away, but I couldn’t help but wet my eyes.. At the age of six and a half, you skipped into primary school carrying a small bag. I looked at you anxiously at the school gate, but you didn’t look back. At the age of 12 and a half, you entered the normal university experimental middle school through your own efforts and made friends on the first day of entering the middle school. At the age of 14, you are going to join the regiment. The red scarf that has been with you for seven years has fulfilled its mission and will soon be accompanied by the regimental emblem to continue your growth.     Dear daughter, over the past 14 years, I have watched you grow up day by day and also watched you progress day by day. I will not compare you with other children. I know you are not a perfect child, but we are not perfect parents either. We all have shortcomings and faults like this and that. The meaning of love is not harsh criticism but tolerance and companionship. It is to give each other time to grow together.. You never say’ How about other people’s parents, how about my parents’?’ Because you love us and you embrace us with the purest heart.. We won’t say what happened to other people’s children, because I see many advantages in you, even some of which I feel ashamed of.. You are strong, kind – hearted, persevering, steadfast and motivated … Ah, these excellent qualities can not be replaced by a few simple scores. Even if you enter the society in the future, these qualities will help you weather the storm..     Learning in middle school was really very, very hard, with heavy schoolbags, a lot of homework, and endless test papers. You’ve complained and sighed occasionally, but you’re still trying to stick to it. Both your father and I love you, but we can’t replace you. There are different stages in a person’s life. Each stage has its own specific tasks and goals. Your goal now is to take the senior high school entrance exam, and your task is to study. It’s not the parents and teachers who are determined, but the reality is that we can’t change it. It doesn’t matter if your grades fluctuate a little. I have seen what you have paid, and I have seen your earnest and hard work.. You have given up a lot of entertainment and play time. You study late into the night every day and you ask me to enroll you in remedial classes to improve your weak subjects. I am very happy, because my daughter is so motivated and so persistent. Both your father and I believe in you, and you must also believe in yourself. With such a learning attitude and willpower, what else can’t be done?.     When you were young, you were weak and sickly, so I doted on you somewhat, which was often criticized by your father.. I am also reflecting and will try my best to correct it and give you more room to be independent. But at the same time, I also want to say, dear daughter, most of the time I don’t put myself in the position of a mother, but communicate with you as a good friend.. I talk with you, play with you, watch movies, go shopping … Ah, maybe sometimes you think Mom is childish, but I want to give you more understanding. I want to accompany you to grow up together, share your joy in the long process, and share your troubles.. At this point, I am still very pleased. Because adolescent children have many problems, the most obvious one is to be away from their parents. However, you are still close to us. You still have many topics to talk to me about and are still willing to listen to my suggestions and opinions..     At a parent-teacher meeting, your teacher in charge, miss Guo, shared a passage with parents to the effect that’ every child is a seed, but each person’s florescence is different. Some flowers bloom brightly at first; Some flowers need a long wait. Don’t try so hard before you see your own one, take care to grow up slowly and accompany him to bathe in the sunshine, rain and wind, is it not a kind of happiness. Believe in children, wait for flowers to blossom. Perhaps your seed will never blossom because it is a towering tree. I am very moved that every child is a seed, and so are you. It is our happiness to be able to accompany you in the sunshine and rain..     Dear daughter, wearing the badge means you have reached a new level, and you will be more sunny and more progressive.. You will know that everyone will have setbacks, and only by making ourselves stronger can we step on them in the face of setbacks. You will understand that both teachers and parents love you sincerely, no matter how you do or how you do it, the goal is to keep your high school days free from regrets..You will also know that emotional intelligence is the most important factor in a person’s family regardless of their intelligence quotient.. So you have to work harder and do better in learning, socializing and self – reliance..     Finally, mom wants to send you a poem she saw online to thank you for letting me be your mom’s rule. As the poem says,’ no matter how hard the process is, geometry can be harvested without asking the result. You will always be my happiest concern.” Thank you for letting me be your mother’s rule. You call me with your tender voice. You hold me with your powerful little hands. You don’t complain every day. Thank you unequivocally for letting me be your mother. When you look up and look at me happily, you tell me with a smile that you hold me in tears when you get hurt. Don’t worry. Thank you for making me your mother. When I am happy, you laugh with me. When I am upset, you gently comfort me with patience. Don’t hate to thank you for making me your mother. I can only.