Mother – in – law, my mother – in – law

Mother – in – law, I wrote about you more than ten years ago. When you heard about it, your kind face revealed a heartfelt joy and a real joy.. You lightly chastised, ” Blow the old niang so well.”. And this time when I started to write you again, you, 69 years old, had left us. Mother – in – law, I deeply love my mother – in – law! I know your heart is hard to give up to your loved ones and how much you want to take more of your life with your children! However, who expected this sudden illness to make us live and die?     I can clearly remember that on the morning of the 16th of the first month of 2003, you came to visit us in your neighbor’s small four-wheel tractor and washed your hair, cut your hair, bathed and rubbed your back like every time.. In the evening, we went to watch the lights, watch fireworks and go shopping together. The next day, after taking a photo of you at the photo studio, you also took a photo for you, because you were afraid we would never let photos be taken before.. When taking pictures, my son and I teased you, saying for a moment that your teeth were exposed and saying for a moment that you were sitting awkwardly … ah. Five inches of color photos have been washed out, and you look so good in the photos. Relatives and friends all say you are so easygoing, so real and so kind in this photo. My husband praised me for doing a good job. But who would have thought that the picture my daughter-in-law took for you for the first time in her life had become a portrait. When I enlarged the picture to 20 inches and embedded it in the frame, the tears of sadness streamed like the flood that opened the floodgates.     On the morning of January 24, 2003, you used to get up early in the morning but you were lying in bed. When the third sister-in-law called you, you were in a coma and spoke vaguely..     When I received a phone call from my father, I was anxious and afraid. My whole body seemed to have frozen blood, like falling into the abyss, only felt that chills were hard to stop and tears were falling.. By the time we rushed to the hospital, you were in a deep coma: your eyes were closed and your face was red, and no answer was given to our call.. The results of the computed tomography examination are subarachnoid hemorrhage of the brain, not only with a special location, but also with a bleeding volume of up to 60ml. Even a craniotomy can not save your life.. However, we said to the attending doctor, ” If you need any treatment, you should give the best medicine. If you can save my mother, you can do anything.”. After losing a week’s liquid, your legs, hands and wrists are already covered with needle eyes, bruised and swollen, and miserable. We still recommend a craniotomy, but the doctor said never, or even the operating table will not come down. After losing for another two weeks, you were still in a coma … ah, at 6pm on the 14th of February of the lunar calendar, you have always been hard-pressed and have never woken up this time, and you stopped breathing after 20 days of tea.. Watching a dearest life go away from us and cannot be retained. Grief turned everything into an indescribable illusion in an instant, and all sentimentality could not replace the trance and despair of that moment. As a long daughter – in – law, I put on a shroud for you, set the ” sleeping posture” and gently scrubbed your face and hands when gathering. In 1987, I lost my mother-in-law and suffered from the loss of her mother – in – law. From the funeral to the coffin, I cried so loudly that I cracked the roof tiles, was totally unrecognized, and was hoarse and swollen. I dried up the tears and shattered my heart. You cried your nose and ran like a ripple when you were young, but those three-inch autumn coffins, a few feet of loess, have been separated from each other.!     ‘ look at the somebody else’s daughter-in-law cry bitch cry how sad ah! ‘ the neighbors talked about. Mother – in – law, when the neighbors lament that we cried so sadly for you who died, where do they know that the blood between our mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is thicker than the blood, deeper than the sea and higher than the mountain in the past 15 years, and where do they know that the flesh-and-blood feelings we have had in the past 15 years are better than those of the mother-in-law and daughter – in – law?!     The funeral procession is getting larger and larger, longer and longer, sad and sad. Neighbors cry low for you. Heaven and earth grieve for you. Mother – in – law, you’ve had a hard life since you were a child and lost your father at the age of ten. You’re going to have a meal with your mother when she escaped the famine.. In hard times, you worked all day long, tasted all the joys and sorrows of the world all your life, and brought up your four sons with painstaking efforts.. Now all the sons are married and have a career. Your children should have enjoyed the happiness of heaven and spent their later years in peace.. However, what is the extreme of heaven? No one is here, no one is here!     After my husband and I met in 1987, some people said that the husband was not only poor but also short and ugly, and some of them were too simple and honest and honest.. When I saw you for the first time, if you were short and wrinkled, you would look straight at me and smile stupidly. You wouldn’t say a good word, but it was your kind smile that touched my heart.. How simple and honest the old man is, he can’t say a word in court, but he has a simple and honest smile without words..     After you got married and had children, you came to the city to look after your grandchildren. Since then, you have done all the housework without complaining.. In 1988, my husband who was in politics and I was teaching were underpaid and crowded in a public house. You supported a bed in a small kitchen of less than 4 square meters.. For more than two years, you have never been idle while watching children, washing clothes and cooking. You live a frugal life. All you eat is brought from your hometown by your third brother. People who live in government offices close their doors after work, and when you come, like in the countryside, they open coal stoves for their owners and carry water for Xijia. Especially when you get up every morning in winter, you always open the coal stove for several neighbors who have students. By the time they get up, the water will boil, which is both labor-saving and efficient.. When a family of neighbors thanked you, you quipped, ” What is this? You’re always sleepy, you’re busy at work, and you should sleep a little more in the morning, as long as you’re not afraid of me stealing things -” You never let us waste a penny.. When you add a new dress to you every season, you always refuse to say what it is good to wear it when you are old, save some money and build a house for your children to go to school in the future. You need a lot of money. Simple words reflect your broad maternal love and your concern and understanding for working-class children..     In 1990, the second sister-in-law gave birth to a child and you went back to look after it.But you are thinking of us in your hometown. Zhou sent steamed buns and Yue sent noodles. You sent eggs basket by basket to the city, saying that the chickens in the countryside ate live food and laid eggs with high nutrition, so that the grandchildren could grow tall and strong..     Remember one morning in the winter of 1997, snowflakes fluttered in the sky. At school, I heard someone was looking for me. I was shocked when I ran downstairs! Mother – in – law, thin body, only 1. Five meters high, you are carrying a hundred catties of flour bag and walking hard in the snow. In winter, you are so hot that you open your cotton-padded jacket and get to school two or three miles from the station that you don’t even want to sit on a tricycle for one yuan – ” Mom, you -” I cried and swallowed, and rushed forward to carry it for you. You said nothing: ” With white flour, why stand in front of the dolls and give me the keys?”. I know you can’t stand it, so I have to go to class with tears in my eyes. When you come back from work and quietly bring your boiled egg tea to quench your thirst, you just let your grandson come back from school eat it. You said,’ The eldest brother can eat anything, as long as his grandson eats better, grows stronger and studies better than anything else. ‘ Looking at the white flour filled with two cylinders, I said movingly, ” Mom, you won’t be bringing us noodles in the future. Our wages are full and the money for building the house is almost over, so you won’t worry about us any more.”. The old Niang brought you some rice and noodles, saved some money and paid back the house bill earlier. Now it is common practice in the countryside to eat fine rice and white flour, and every family has surplus grain.. ‘ One Sunday, I came home to see you. When you and your father were down, only the kitchen door was locked and the kitchen door was opened to scoop water to wash their hands, only to see a basket of corn flour mixed with two buns of white flour and pure wheat black flour, snapping a bite, astringent and hard.. That at the moment, my heart is like a knife, sweet, sour, bitter and hot welled up in my mind. What a good mother – in – law! Is this the fine rice flour you eat at home? Think of the big, empty, changing oil rolls and white flour buns that you sent us, and my tears burst forth..     ‘ Juan, why don’t you wretched back early to the old Niang said 1. ‘ You came back from work with a hoe, and a bag was sandwiched in your armpit. It turned out that you went to the mistress’s house to borrow two white buns after listening to her neighbor’s mistress say I came back. ” Mom, you really don’t give us noodles in the future. You and your father-in-law are already over sixty, and you should also enjoy the happiness of peace.. ‘ I took out the black buns, sobbing.     ‘ the old niang is eating a black bun to improve the partial let you see. Cats and dogs all know to protect their children, and they shouldn’t feed their children when they are mothers.. Now eating black buns is fresh. Besides, you are not blind to eat white flour and do serious business. The za cultivators eat what is easy to digest, and both your father and I are still able to do it. as long as the old Niang cries a few more times after her death, mom will be satisfied. Your neck is crooked and your eyes are wide open, so you smile easily.     Mom, did I not know that you are suffering for us to eat more white flour and steamed buns?. Every time I come back to leave you 30, 50, 100 miles and 80 miles, you will be rejected again and again. Every time you come back to take back 30, 50, 100 and 80, you have people coming back again and again. You said living in the city is expensive and you even have to pay for the draft.. Over the past few years, on the eve of the Spring Festival, you have specifically told us to spend less money, have everything at home and don’t buy anything. Every Spring Festival, you always ask the third brother to kill the pig and kill the chicken and bring us meat, steamed buns of oil and tofu, which has been the case every year since the wedding of FIFA.. It is often said that raising children prevents old age. In your sixties, you should have put down farm work and spent your old age in peace, but you still bow down and work hard for us to eat..     Mother – in – law, if your devotion to your children is selfless and unrequited maternal love, then you are also generous, kind and sincere to others. The old captain said that when the big group divided sweet potatoes, others always picked big ones and left small ones, and you always picked up big ones and small ones.. You said small zha, small is also food, isn’t it? When a large group cuts wheat, you always cut wider and wider and fall behind others. When baotian arrived, others were fighting for better land, but you never competed. what’s the matter with thin land? more soil and fertilizer can still grow crops. in the past, we didn’t even have a few acres of thin land – some people said you were silly and you smiled and said nothing.. When the children complain that you are too honest, you say how about cutting more rows of wheat, and the more wheat you cut, the more you will not worry about eating – the third mother in her house said that every time she comes back from the city to stay, you always send vegetables and steamed buns and help her do some farm work..     Uncle Xie, a five-guarantee household, said that in which year several of them had not eaten the eggs, vegetables and steamed buns you sent them.. Every Spring Festival, you always give them long and big oil buns to eat.     Three dads said, how much love and effort have you paid to make him a family.     Although you are not rich, you still have to support your neighbors who are poorer and more bitter than you. These trivial matters may be too ordinary and not worth mentioning, but they reflect your kind disposition and reflect the industrious and simple noble qualities of Qian Qian’s millions of farmers and the traditional virtues of respecting the elderly and loving the young and being harmonious with their neighbors..     According to custom, we will all go back to your grave on the 37th, 57th and 100th day.. Every time I cross the threshold and see your portrait, I go back to the inner room and look at the bed. A kind of cone-shaped pain makes my eyes full of tears.. Every time you go home, you always have a lot to say with me. Every time you leave, you always take my hand to the car, reluctant to go, and 1 vigorously ask: ” Juan, when will you come back to see my mother – in – law -” my simple, honest and kind mother – in – law, you just go away. ”?! From then on, you no longer care about your children’s boundless life path, and you can no longer manage it. Knowing that life, death and illness are inevitable disasters and scars that are hard to wipe for life, I can’t get rid of this snake-like bite all the time.. Mother – in – law, since then you have been quietly wading in the mountains, not accompanied by the laughter of your loved ones, but by the rustling of spring breeze, the rustling of summer rain, the rustling of autumn wind and the snow. Why don’t I cry in front of the grave? It makes me cry with blood and tears.!     In your life, as Lu Xun said, what you eat is grass, and what you squeeze out is milk and blood.You only know how to work and never ask for anything from people. Mother – in – law, you have gone, your voice and smile will always remain in my heart. You have gone, leaving us endless thoughts. Your hardworking, diligent and thrifty quality, your tough and strong character, your simple and humble virtue, and your broad and broad mind will always push us forward and teach us new ways!     Mother – in – law, my white-haired mother – in – law, may you have spirit in heaven and can hear your daughter-in-law and your expression. I long for my beloved mother-in-law to come to dream and meet frequently. My heart’s yearning can only be comforted by your old man’s friendly smiling face..     Mother – in – law, may you rest in peace underground!