Don’t sigh

Don’t sigh, we are under too much pressure. The heavy boulder was pressed against the top, inspiring the potential of grass. The weak body broke out in amazing strength, and one day the boulder was overturned.!     Don’t sigh, our environment is not satisfactory. The cliff is hundred zhangs, the rocks are rugged, and a small seedling grows out of the crevices of the rocks. It has no fertile soil to nourish it. It has been attacked by wind and frost all the year round, and its body is not big and its leaves are not luxuriant, but its trunk is strong and its iron frame is clank.!     Don’t sigh, the world is too cold. Snow – capped mountains, cold and deep, have a kind of plant that survives tenaciously. It takes root in frozen soil, drinks ice and holds snow, and the blooming flowers are pure and clear. It is a magical flower that people call snow lotus.!     Don’t sigh, we have suffered many injustices. The river roared, thundered, filled with sand and stones, and was unstoppable. There was a rock standing upright in the middle of the river. The water could not move, and the waves could not beat down. As a result, the bones and muscles were strong and the boldness of the spirit was so remarkable that it won the name of a clang dang: the mainstay!     Don’t sigh, we carry treasure jade without appreciation. Feeling good about ourselves does not mean strength. In fact, what we are carrying may only be a stone, a baggage that fetters our progress. After we put it down, we will walk vigorously and multiply our energy.!     Don’t sigh, how bumpy our journey has been. The road in the world twists and turns, the road in life fluctuates, everything is a common thing. Abandoned the ideological shackles of impetuosity, complaint, resentment, extreme and demanding, just walk forward, even if you can’t reach the other side of your dream at last, without regret!     Don’t sigh, our life is stormy. The moon is overcast and sunny, and people have joys and sorrows, which will make them more mature. All tastes sweet, sour, bitter and spicy will be appreciated after tasting them all. After the ups and downs, our minds will be wiser!     Don’t sigh, after hard work, you may not have a harvest. Drops of water beat hard rocks. At first, who could have predicted the ending, and the ending was so shocking: the drop of water pierced the stone.!     Don’t sigh, we realized too late. If you miss the blooming season, you can still bear fruit. One fruit is called fig. It has delayed many times of struggle, and it is still not late to start today. Success is the first step forward!