Born unequal

Rousseau, a famous French thinker, once wrote: People are born free and equal. A ripple. Since the famous saying came out, it has inspired Qian Qian’s millions of toiling masses, made them feel human dignity and rights, gave them revolutionary passion to overthrow tyranny, gave them unremitting motivation to work hard not satisfied with the status quo, and gave them ideological foundation to live in harmony with others.. However, this is true in our real life? People are born free and equal? I’m afraid I haven’t seen it up to now.     People are born free and equal. It is only possible to talk about ” natural state” and never exist in real life.. Let’s take the most basic education as an example. Children who also live under the blue sky have a very different school environment in which they study at the same time.. The school campus in the city is clean and tidy, the environment is elegant and equipped with good teachers. And what about schools for rural children? The desks and chairs there are dilapidated and damaged, the classroom is dimly lit, the teacher’s teaching methods are poor, and the children’s learning momentum is even more insufficient.. Besides our medical environment, some large hospitals have set up cadre wards and general wards, equipped with different medical staff and medical equipment, so that people of different positions have different service treatment. Even the hospital registration window has to distinguish between the expert diagnosis number and the ordinary diagnosis number to provide services with different prices for diagnosing patients, so that the rich can be well shown to you in our hospital, and the ordinary doctors can only be arranged to show you things without money, which also includes not necessarily being accurate. Besides the tools we use to go out, the plane insists on distinguishing the first class warehouse from the economic warehouse. The train must be equipped with soft sleeper, hard sleeper and hard seat. The rich can sit in the first-class warehouse, while the poor have to sit in the economic warehouse.. Besides, under our living conditions, the government and developers insist on dividing the housing into luxury housing, affordable housing and low-rent housing so that people with different economic abilities can buy and use it, so that rich people can live in villas, mansions and houses, and ordinary people with family difficulties can only rent low-rent housing and buy affordable housing.. This seems to be the carefulness of people’s consumers and reflects unequal discrimination in life.. Besides, a few departments working for our common people also use ” other eyes” to judge people.. Rich people and big customers can enjoy convenient, quick and thoughtful VIP service. Ordinary people can only queue up in crowded places, consuming a lot of time and wasting their lives.. Let’s talk about some of our top government officials going down to the grass-roots level for inspection. Ancient officials went down as bridges, with escort teams standing on both sides. Officials also carried the words ” silence” and ” avoidance” with great dignity.. But now it is changed to a police car driving without obstruction, and no matter what red light or green light, it will pass through.. All vehicles on the road should be allowed to move slowly or slowly, leaving the main road to show the majesty of the officials..     The most obvious manifestation of inequality in human life is the term ” address”. If you were born in the family of royalty and dignitaries, you would be called ” Master” and ” Childe” and people would not refuse to give praise.. And once you were born into a ruined poor family, you were called ” yakuza” and ” poor wretch” by others, and the words were full of immorality and contempt.. Now, in some employers’ recruitment, the competent officials are deliberately arranging for their children’s relatives to take part in the work under the guise of democratic recruitment, and also occupying good jobs. Even promotion and use can be given priority in advance.. However, some peasant children from poor families want to change their identity, but the door is’ difficult to go up to the sky’. Chen Sheng called for thousands of years of’ princes and princes would rather have seed? ‘ slogan, and now how many are changing?     As the saying goes,’ The dragon matches the dragon, the phoenix matches the phoenix, and the mouse is born with holes’. ‘ Man’s Life, Heaven’s Destiny.”. ‘ People are born free and equal’ is just a platonic ideal, because as long as there are classes, as long as there are interests, as long as there are personal desires, freedom and equality can only be a slogan and will never become a reality..