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Disclaimer 1, part of the public information collected on this site comes from the Internet, reproduced aims to disseminate useful news and information to the public, does not mean that this site agree with their views or responsible for its authenticity, we are not its science, serious any form of guarantee, etc.。 Like other media, downloaded from the Internet or personal use this site at your own copyright liability。 2, indicate from this site where the 6681 health network all text, images, audio and video articles belong to this website original content of this website are the property of all, any media, websites or individuals shall not be reproduced without the agreement authorized this site, links, posting or otherwise copy published。
Ben agreement has been authorized media, websites, must indicate the manuscript sources in the download: 6681 health network, and offenders will be prosecuted according to law。
3, the copyright holder of all content copyright of the article where reproduced on this website, pictures, audio, video files and other information of all, this site using non-original site and so are unable to work and copyright to contact, if selected this site the authors believe their work should not be content for your Internet browser, or should not be free to use, follow the "guidelines to protect copyright complaints" in a timely manner to contact us so we can take prompt measures deleted。 4, has authorized site for the exclusive use of the site to provide information on the copyright owner's articles, pictures and other information, if reproduced using the site and is required to obtain the consent of the copyright owner。
In case of any unauthorized use of the above information behavior, this site will pursue its legal responsibility。
5. This site is dedicated to provide reasonable, accurate and complete information, but does not guarantee legitimacy, accuracy and completeness of the information, and does not assume responsibility for any loss due to unreasonable information, inaccuracies or omissions cause damage or。 This site is for informational purposes only, not transactions and services according to their own data, such as deviation occurs using this site, this site is not responsible, who assumes any legal liability。
As shown in Figure 6, any loss due to hacker attacks, computer viruses or attacks, temporarily closed because of government regulation and the impact of the normal operation of the network caused by force majeure, this website will。
Because of personal data caused by the other sites linked to this site leakage and any legal disputes and consequences caused by this website will。 7, this Web site as a result of system maintenance or upgrades required to suspend the service, will be announced in advance。
Ruoyin hardware failure outside the Company's control line and non-range or other force majeure result in suspension of service, all the inconvenience and loss caused during the maintenance period, this site is not responsible。
8, Users of this site because of violation of the provisions of this statement and violate the law of the People's Republic of China, responsible for all the consequences of their own, this site does not bear any responsibility。 9, who visit the site in any way directly or indirectly use of this website shall be deemed a voluntary statement to be bound by this website。 10, issue this statement did not involve See relevant laws and regulations, when this statement conflicts with national laws and regulations, national laws and regulations shall prevail。

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