Dusk caused owned Italian

Walking through the small road late autumn, work roots, leaves tour along the graceful dance.Sun shining through the dense vegetation Zhigan dilute spilled on her three thousand black hair, like the tenderness of caresses, hoping to shake off the condensation between the eyebrows melancholy.An orange leaf posted on the naughty pink dress, she was unaware, still immersed in sorrow scattered on the ground among.It was removed after a difficult round of expectations still mixed with a touch intended to return.    Standing in the road on both sides of the willow defended the quiet atmosphere, just like Ash home guard her growth.Then move forward, there is a four-pointed and upturned eaves of the wooden booths, mottled pillars around the half circle is covered by ash in the low railing above the ancient, poignant story.Perhaps it knew to be abandoned are not alone, and by chance people will come, will come.    Pleasant scenery to be laid-back, Zhi true feelings many trials and hardships.Not to mention long love it?    The longest is the love companionship, and I do not know how long this road can go, how long can this situation.Origin edge off the helpless choice, all the way through the wind and rain to witness the ups and downs of each other.Want to come too may comfort the mind, never scattered horizon, Riqian night hanging, Song of how long jump, ride for Love.    A memo plain white vertical drop of ink to be fragrant, but undying charm this evening, a Gough finished devoted efforts can only quietly waiting, waiting to encounter a smell overtones, Xiaoqi Ya-chi man.    Period of time is fleeting in the long course of years, because of the emotional colors painted on it became a mountain stream in the bay, they do not is the big picture, nature will not easily forget.When the drink and a laugh to look at, to be printed Fuqin sword King.    The rise lookout sky, had no glimpse of birds.    Sometimes obscured sunset twilight sometimes give up and left, I both brutal and fun, like the sunset of her cheeks bright red.Very cute.Liu Xia always just slapstick did I realize that odious clouds.Just think of the whole sky, bright colors, can not help but burst of emotion!    ”I’m afraid Acacia, Acacia has, no place to turn to Acacia speech, eyebrows reveal a trace of” a casually feel I will regret it, but see her suddenly surprised a moment, turned around and looked blankly, then asked aloud: or were you aware of?I faint smile, slowly pull soft white, cold flourishing prime hand, little bit of clear liquid on the skin smooth and delicate trembling slightly, I light a painting to write a “go” word.Put in the palm of her hand.See, however, she could no longer stifled heart surging, suddenly rushed at me, either translucent teardrop destroy careful play red makeup.Instinctively patted her shoulder, and in her ear and said: Tomorrow I go back with you.She nodded sobs.    Night in the end is started, it carries a mission, to comply with the law, fear of law.But also in the attitude of responsibility.Contact QQ1158016652