Shanghai women's volleyball win over Jiangsu total score of 3-1 to qualify for the title race with Tianjin

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  Jiangsu second game with Gongxiang Yu and Yuan Yue heart break 2-0,4-2 precedence, Shanghai twice to tie。
Gong Xiangyu serve beyond Jiangong 6-4, 5-7 behind the Shanghai gold hanging by playing soft chase scene combined into seven levels。 After 12 flat Spring Bud and Yang Jie storm after another under the ball, scoring area before the Spring Bud hair, Gong Xiangyu a missed pass, Shanghai 16-12 lead four minutes sweep。 Yuan Yue heart light played round, MaYunWen back flying frustrated, Jiangsu chase 14-16。 Spring Bud push the attack succeeded, MaYunWen Gong Xiangyu a probe is transmitted back to the bar, King hit counter soft gold, Shanghai opened the score to 19-14。 Yuan Yue fight heart tee will be sent out to 3 points, after the Spring Bud attack too round, Yang Zhou Zhang Changning sealed tune attack, Shanghai 21-16 preemption。 Gong Xiangyu a steady attack, was Bud spike out of bounds, Jiangsu approaching to 20-22。
After Shanghai with Zhou Yang's fast-break 24-21 game point, Li Jingqiang attack 1 minute recovery, the final word was Bud storm, Shanghai 25-22 comeback Bureau。
  Shanghai start the third game slightly the upper hand to win 2 points advantage, Jiangsu 4-5 to bite, hit the second ball meters Yang, Li Jingqiang capture net, Shanghai 7-4 preemption。
Zhang Changning counterattack succeeded, Yuan Yue heart tee meritorious deeds, King counterattack soft gold out of bounds, Jiangsu series at level 8。 The soft lob succeeded King counterattack, Yang Zhou effective control network port, meters Yang tee meritorious deeds, Shanghai, which won 5 points to pull the score to 13-8。
Gong Xiangyu slash attack hits, Yuan Yue heart counterattack succeeded, Yang Jie spike errors, chase 15-17 12-17 behind Jiangsu, Shanghai and two-for three come Bianyu Qian Zhang Lei。 Yang Jie attack had a round, Zhang Lei successful counterattack, Shanghai 19-15 lead。 After approaching to 19-21, Jiangsu did not bite, soft gold background key points is not soft, and Gong Xiangyu Zhang Changning are offensive mistakes, Shanghai 24-19 win game point。 After the ball out of bounds, Jiangsu by the soft gold regain 1 point of view, Zhou Yang fast-break score locked at 25-20, Shanghai overtake the big 2-1。   Yang Zhou start the fourth inning effective attack stopped, Shanghai exceeded win 5-2。
Gong Xiangyu attack had a round Yuan Yue heart lob score, Li Jing Shui straight successful counterattack, Jiangsu series at level 5。
After Gong Xiangyu tee shot over the wheel to Shanghai, Li Jing lob succeeded, Zhang Changning beat hanging with twice meritorious deeds, Jiangsu Glenealy 8-6 lead 3 minutes。 Diaolin Yu serve to win the three points advantage, Gong Xiangyu storm stable, Zhang Lei offensive flow, Jiangsu pulled the score to 14-9。 Shanghai fell after difficult physical potential counterattack, Yang Jie smash after another under the net and was stopped, Li Jing counterattack down the ball, Jiangsu 19-10 lead。
Yang Zhou Zhang Changning sealed the fast track, a distinct advantage 25-16 victory over Jiangsu, chasing the big score into two levels。   Jiangsu tiebreaker with Yuan Yue heart attack and stopped the storm Zhang Changning and Shanghai rally to level 4。 Yuan Yue heart ball out of bounds, the Spring Bud hit counter, Shanghai exceed 6-4。
After Li Jing spike too round, soft gold and King was Bud break after another succeeded, Shanghai 8-5 leading exchange site。
Wang Chen Yue Yang Zhou sealed won four fast-break points advantage, gold soft King counterattack down the ball to pull the score to 11-6。
King counterattack soft gold processing ball score 14-8 win match point, Li Jingqiang attack hits, Yuan Yue and Zhang Changning heart stopped Spring Bud spike, Jiangsu catch 10-14。
Yang Jie No. 4 storm final word, Shanghai 15-10 win, 3-2 by beating Jiangsu。
  King of the soft gold of the main Shanghai wins 26 points and won the scoring, collusion was Bud gains 25 points, Fu Gong Yang Zhou and Yang Jie, respectively, won the 16 main points and 12 points。
Jiangsu Fu Gong Yuan Yue heart contributed 26 points, the main Li Jing scored 19 points, and the main collusion Gong Xiangyu Zhang Changning stand to gain 15 points and 12 points, respectively,。   According row over competition schedule previously announced, for the first time with 7 wins and 4 battle system of total women's volleyball Super League final will be started March 13, Shanghai Guangming excellent times in the regular season the top-ranking sits at home to meet the challenges of Tianjin Bohai Bank。 Halo 3 Halo 2 wins and runner-up system is scheduled to be launched on the same day, the first leg of Liaoning Sunshine Pharmaceutical gull home match in Jiangsu Zhongtian Iron & Steel。   (Caucasus)。

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