Dogs who love unfulfilled

Watched a movie a few years ago, I remember called “hachikō story,” said a college professor at the train station, accidentally picked up a puppy came from nowhere, and it seems Professor The dog has some kind of fate, can not bear to pick up and then down, then back home well-fed.Hachiko grew up under the care of Professor family, very endearing.Professor to school every day, Hachiko would always take him to the station and wait for a professor to come back, Hachiko and early exit at the station waiting for him to lie.Hachiko’s loyalty to win the love of the town people, who are willing and its friendly say hello and give it something to eat when it is hungry.One day, when the professor’s behavior at work Hachiko some exceptions, never actually playing the game to play pick up the ball, which makes very pleased Professor, is this day, a professor in the classroom sudden illness and died.Professor wife and daughter tearfully buried the professor, can Hachiko uninformed, five o’clock in the evening still waiting in front of the station on time, looking forward to the return of Professor.Rain, Hachiko waiting in the rain, windy, Bagong watch in the wind, snow, Hachiko in the flying snow is still staring at the station exit.Seasons, days passed, the years passed, Hachiko in waiting is old age, but still no regrets crazy day at the station to defend, anticipating its owner appears..    See the end of that scene, not help people burst into tears, as Hachiko’s loyalty to Hachiko decades of waiting, is this person a dog feeling.There are so many humble earth was originally detail, low to the dust trivia body touched our hearts.    In Jiujiang has a faithful dog Savior’s story; there are more than thirty units of employees cook a pot of dog was poisoned were ready to eat, but there is a soup called “Race tiger,” the dog to sniff out poisonous meat , desperately tie called to stop people eat, people can not understand, I thought it eat meat, then threw a few pieces of it, “race tiger” Oh do not smell, still barking, even crying, seeing the people want eating dog meat, “the game tiger” tears, people eat meat thrown at it, poisoned to death on the spot.Jiujiang Jia Hill Cemetery veterans after I heard very moving, the “Race tiger” for reburial in Jiali Hill Cemetery, built a statue for the only heroes of the faithful dog, burial day, many people spontaneously went off.    You may recall, there was a group of pictures on the Internet crazy pass?Two dogs across the street, one of them unfortunately hurt the car was crushed, the other a car to drive regardless of the danger to the side never betray the guardian, and the whine for help to humanity.A lot of people watching a lot of people taking pictures, and fraternity on the map online to promote this animal, that no one can lend a helping hand to rescue the dog’s life.    Dalian also a faithful dog, the owner Xiangpei eighteen years, eighteen years ah, in person, from immature to mature enough, to dogs that are life time.Eighteen years as one day, accompanied by 77-year-old, after the death of the elderly, this dog of the owner of the cemetery around the two laps around, take leave after the owner actually dove into the river to follow their masters away.    Earthquake hostess buried in the rubble had died, but during his lifetime feeding a puppy food is always Diao rescue workers out into the ruins every day to feed her.It has waited refused to leave the ruins, the rubble because there is love for its owner, because here it was now home.Aid workers say, if there’s not going to catch the dog house next to the ruins, indicating that some buried beneath its owner.Ignore it, it would have been non-stop call, when digging to save, it will stare staring looking, until the owner of the exposed body, rushed forward to dig, dig feet to bleed.    Shenzhen has a bar called the Golden Retriever bitch babe, according to the request of the owner, dangling their children to sell.This is not the first time selling her own child, babe know.Three furry dog just gave birth soon after the baby sleeping in the basket, could a 27-pound Babe stopped several times along the way, from time to time with a gentle tongue licking the baby’s head, eyes full of sympathy and affection and not house.When the owner and buyer bargaining, babe knows it and turn from their children, respectively, this life is no longer difficult to meet.The baby was put away, behind Babe except whine sound, there is no way to retain what still own flesh and blood.    About too many stories between people and dogs too, can not enumerate.Heard these stories, always sour nose, moved to tears irrepressible.Or we just casual possessor of a dog or a pet amused when bored, they can not speak, can not share their pain and sorrow to the people, but they know that loyalty and gratitude, joy and loyalty to humanity waiting home.The so-called “mother of the child never too ugly, dog sees a poor family,” they are the ultimate human friends.    Guangxi Yulin said to have a dog festival, every festival, there will be hundreds of thousands of dogs are slaughtered, bloody, dead dogs all over the floor.    Human repeat itself cruel but what their frustration, only to write this text, telling all about the outstanding people and dogs love story, expect a harmonious coexistence between humans and animals, criticized the ugly world, highlighting the brilliance of human kindness.