Dedicated to the workplace is still struggling with you

You always say, unhappy life all likelihood.  But, you ask yourself, what you pay in the end, what reward effort and more than.  You always say, now very confused and do not know what to do.  However, even the little things you do not have on hand, but also count on competent event.  You always used to complain about the environment, if a change of scenery, the outcome is certainly not the same.  Perhaps it may be, you are willing to spend time on those uncertainties, why we do not want to make a little bit of time to enhance their ability.  We were brought up to live in conditions favorable.The going gets too hard, not too much resistance to labor.Unfortunately, there is no culture of our ancestors inherited the spirit of the teachings and China for thousands of years.In an interview with all the education, I’m special, I’m important, I’m unique, which I admit, compared to the prosperous era of brothers and sisters, we live really generous.But it is such a generous, let us immense expansion of self-confidence.Let’s also arrogant enough.Let us ban can not stand how much wind and rain.Know how to enjoy, you do not want to give.  Who does not want their future dazzling than diamonds also, who do not want their remarkable success, who do not want their family harmony and happiness.Who does not dream of a hero?Reverse beings, all-powerful, left the country, right Meijuan.  However, when the reality of a wall of steel rods attacked over, we suddenly dumbfounded, depressed.Perhaps we are too weak, can not withstand the wind and rain.Maybe the world is too impetuous, let us all anxious.  In the era of instant success, our most forbidden overwhelmed is to wait.However, very often, we wait addition, no other way.Only dry waiting, waiting time, so that you become a better person, you will want to have brought to your side.  More often, we are disturbed by melancholy Looking to the future, on balance, gains and losses.Vision for the future is not wrong, if all time brought anxious hesitation, and that is a big mistake.  Everyone knows now is the most important, should not wallow in the past, we should not be afraid of the future.But how many people can do.  In addition to yourself, no one who is the fate of the Redeemer.Expect things will always be out of reach.  You are willing to wait, rather than to create.You want to get, but not willing to pay.You crave the opportunity, but often missed.  You also understand that opportunities always favor those who are prepared.But always hope that the fate of God blessing.You know, all success is not accidental.But expect that you hit the lottery odds.Olive branch is not never had, but you can hold it?  Maybe you had to pay, we did not receive timely return.Perhaps you worked hard and did not get the corresponding results.  Then, after time and time again disappointed, you finally started to despair.Accept the reality, give up the dream, living compromise.So be it, and just dull day, the usual story of living a mediocre life, so make do with life.Who says it is not good?  Work has become more and more boring, life is simply copied, monotonous, repetitive, boring.The only expectations, except on weekends, is the payroll of the day.More often, life is a kind of burnout.  Numb and indifferent but always make people feel helpless.  Now you remember the 16-year-old dream of it?Dream on the road, you’re crept forward, still hovered?At that time you, is not it also a smug, determined to win.  Some people will always tell you that, “Life is such a.Do not ask too much.”Whether it is to find the object, or looking for work, they persuade them, almost on the line.Their life experience is like this, then tell more people, life is so bleary usual, we need to muddle along.  So, while adhering to for a long time, still do not see the future under the circumstances, you have chosen to accommodate.After all, time waits for no man, the most cruel reality.  However, life is a bully guy, you think you flinch more powerful, life will be more easy to do?  We always forget that procrastination in action, forget complaining in advance, cherish until they lose it.  ”Tang Gong does not donate,” “but do good deeds, Mowen future”, which you can easily forget how?Delay does not mean denial of God, life is a cumulative and ongoing process.  So, come on, my friend.Do not wait for the right conditions before taking action, it is only because there is no more need to work to create conditions.