Books as well as the end does not regret

From boyhood to date, I have almost no day is not the book to friends.    Before elementary school, my father would often bring her sister’s books, I read poetry on the Chinese book, so I think the ancient celebrity portraits in the history books, since sparked my interest in reading.At that time, my father taught me the word, recognize a limited number, but I can completely put him read to me the text and write some of his own jingle all memorized poetry style.Father thus filled with wonder, that I have better memories, their heads Spirit, is studying seed.    At school, my academic performance has been good, nice written word, for several years was the class of the “good student”, often praised by teachers and parents.But I am not satisfied with textbook knowledge, hope beyond this hunting more interesting things.One day, I accidentally discovered a small wooden box in black lacquer cousin wide labor at home, which is probably more than a hundred children’s picture book, “Fearless,” “Shaolin Temple”, “Dream of Red Mansions”, “Swallow Li three”, “soldier Zhang Ga “,” night of Harbin “,” blood doubt “, etc..I treasure all of a sudden, like Columbus discovered the “New World”!Since then, I often go wide Laoge home run, to borrow his comic book look.At that time, the wide Laoge has been the junior high school, stay in school, go home every weekend back once dry food.When he was not at home, I went to his house to get books to read black wooden box, results in less than a month to read the.While it seems that the book is very simple, in a pattern-based, but they gave me a lot of pleasure.    Fourth grade, I know the word more, but also have the opportunity to read a real book extracurricular.That summer, I went to play big sister to her husband, and their village several children playing in the dirt inadvertently shed big old house upstairs he found a pile of books.Little book, packed in a dust mask with a thick coins of old cardboard box.These books, I turned out all over, very strange title that says big brother’s name on the title page, inside the yellow paper and humid.I want to get downstairs to see all these books, cardboard boxes too heavy but could not move it from the inside casually smoked a thick brick, called ‘The Gods “.I probably glanced Profiles and Directory, know that this is written in the Ming Xu Zhonglin body back to the myth of a novel chapter, feel should be quite interesting.I give this book secretly hidden in the clothes back home, then did not dare to big brother and big sister said, I’m afraid they do not give me borrow.After the book arrived, I used the spare time to read, sometimes not sleep at night also steal a flashlight to see.    ”Gods” is written in the ancient vernacular, there are a lot of words I did not learn, do not know it encounters check the Xinhua Dictionary, there are some words I never heard of it before and according to her own plot, with less than a month to read the time gulping.When reading this book, I feel with the ups and downs of the plot change, when the bad guys bully good people, I felt very sad, I can not figure out why so many authors write; when the bad guys were eradicated, and I danced for joy, want forward as it should be.About a year later, premiered on TV “Gods”, is based on the drama “Gods,” the book shot, although there are a lot of places has been adapted, but generally content not how they change, so every time play time, I can tell some of the plot in advance, family and classmates are proud odd.    Books began in the summer school graduation year.One day, my mother let me use the bike pack two and a half box of vegetables from the house to the street to sell jiangzhang.After sold vegetables, there are about twenty or thirty dollars in the hands of it, went to see a bookstore when Street, on the go.Inside the little book to class-based tutoring.I turned for a long time, suddenly saw a children’s fairy tale books, called “Monkey, Pig and Maxima,” by Wang Shixiong.Wang Shixiong is a writer of our home, have heard before, the day see his book, feeling very warm, do not hesitate to buy it, I spent about a few cents.Inside the book what I have now forgotten, but that book with me for a long and enjoyable summer vacation.    When in junior high school, students like to see the martial arts, romance novels, a book appeared in the class, and soon circulated madness below.At that time the most widely circulated is that Jin Yong, Liang Yusheng, Wolong, Cologne, Wen Jui, Liucan Yang et al novels in boys, the most popular is the Qiong Yao, San Mao’s works for girls.I was like watching martial arts, especially in Jin Yong’s works, on the “Swordsman”, “Legend of the Condor Heroes” What impressed me most; Wen Jui’s “The Four”, “overturned Yigun” I like to be very popular ; I see much a few others.Romantic novels, I also see Qiong Yao made several, like “window”, “six dreams,” “Clouds Fly”, “Meihua Luo,” and so on, although at that time was also the hero encounters a few tears flow, but later the hero’s life from those who think they are too far away, not in line with my taste, no longer looked.    Three days of the first semester, I borrowed from classmates to a Zhanghenshui “Lovers Destiny”, read it carefully, it is like, from my mind to be a writer.That summer, I hid in the home on the second floor, imitating the “Lovers Destiny” wrote a Chapter Novel, named “dream wanderer,” and regretted that he too limited amount of reading, life experience shallow, wrote twenty-back will no longer write not go on this we put in there and never move over.In addition, I also imitate Jin Yong, wrote one or two short novels in the job on the back, but eventually sold the books as a fee, could not be saved.At that time, I wrote something very superficial, naive, and more so in imitation, but through writing practice, the exercise of my writing, so I believe the future will be more to write better.    Entered high school, I’ve met a lot of students love to read extracurricular books, borrow books often read from them.A class called Gao Jun of the students, he is also a book of love people, parents do a small business in jiangzhang station, the family economy is better, a lot of books.I borrowed from him to have a good many books, like “La Traviata”, “gadfly,” “Jane Eyre,” “Notre Dame de Paris”, “Muslim funeral”, etc..These foreign classics broaden my horizons and my knowledge.Also at that time, I have a strong sense of books.Three years of high school, I was in boarding school, only to return home once a week, my father gave me ten dollars a week living it.But in order to satisfy their desire to read, I often frugal some money to buy books on meals.    Stone bridge on both sides of the entrance of our high school often have a bookstall, the book mainly to tutorials, the other is one of the few new old literary books.Three years of high school, I bought a handful of tutorials, more is to Amoy treasure that literature book, you figure about four fifty a.What impressed me most is the “Three Hundred Tang Poems”, “Yuan 300”, “Three Kingdoms”, “Miscellaneous Works of Lu Xun”, “Xu essays”, “Life” (Lu Yao forward), “The Wake” (Jia Ping – wa with) etc..Among them, my favorite of the “Three Kingdoms” is a girl to take a summer class, back to me when it is already unglued spine, page corners rolled, I feel bad for a while.Books spent a majority of my meals in, so life is stretched, and not turn themselves ill-treatment, so that three years due to malnutrition, combined with rigorous course work, but it is too love reading, vision loss is very powerful, but also suffering neurasthenia more serious, academic performance had no small influence.    During high school, in addition to a large number of leisure reading, I began to try to literary creation.My language scores among the highest in the class, especially the writing teacher often read as a Fan Wenxuan.In addition to the teacher assigned thesis writing, I also write poetry after school hours.At that time, I was the bloom of youth, energetic, imaginative, almost every day writing poetry, sometimes a mood to someday write several first.The earliest modeled on the “Book of Songs” learning to write four words poems, he followed lyrics, and later wrote recent poetry, new poetry, until graduating from high school, my poems have written three this, and every book of poetry have ordered his name, wrote a preface do directory.    It is worth mentioning that the eleventh grade, once the composition class, the teacher said Li Quanliang this essay is not a proposition, it is not limited to the genre, just write your own.So I improvised this essay written on a paper one thousand-word white paper inclusion of the novel “selling fans in mind,” the Ming Dynasty hero is “First Jiangnan Libertine” Flirting, did not expect to actually finally get a good assessment of Li and read in the classroom, students get a burst of thunderous applause.This is a great encouragement to me and convinced me I could be a writer.    Then summer, I went to Wei-day flood mown grass pig back, hid in his home on the second floor of the house, the use of a summer vacation time, finished a novella, “I am the sun you are the water” (also known as “Spring Love”) and a short story “waiting”.End closing off, I was assigned to the liberal arts classes, the novel manuscript to get the class, the students were borrowed see, the results of a mass ten, hundred, spread outside the class until the end of the semester when to come back.Some girls watching my two novels, wrote me a note, which is more than kind words.In those days, I was in a good mood every day, put this as the biggest harvest fun than boring schoolwork.    Later, went to college, I had more opportunity to read more books.Beginning of school, I often go to school in front of the bookstore rent a few books to read, and sometimes a ride to the city’s large bookstore to buy books, book rentals, the cost of books took up a third of the cost of living.Later, the school library is open, I first do a library card.When I entered the school library, I suddenly shocked, full of books ah, so dizzying.At that time I felt like a calf, suddenly broke into a vast expanse of natural pastures, actually a little overwhelmed.Later, I was almost going to night classes every day to the library, reading newspapers, magazines turn, met a good article, paragraphs and sentences, it is copied in a book.Many library books category, so I will have the opportunity to read a lot of books, newspapers outside of literature, such as philosophy, history, calligraphy, nature and so on.In this way, my reading broadens the surface, but also broaden the horizon a lot.    Reading aside, I still insist on writing, but my writing direction has done a lot of adjustment, no longer write Poetry and Lyrics, but a large number of modern poetry to write, and write essays and fiction.Junior year, my prose debut “Window” on “Xianyang Daily” published, my work for the first time into a draft letter from the manuscripts, which reinforced my confidence in writing.Later, he has published many works on “Dynasty,” “cultural workers”, “Shaanxi Radio and Television News” and other newspapers.    To work, even though I am engaged to work with my college major counterparts, but did not give up the pursuit of literature, still outside the daily hard work to read a lot of literature books.Over the years, I buy books around Xi’an, collecting four more than five hundred, and a bookshelf filled with four layers of bed, put on the desk are also no less than.Some books can not buy in Xi’an, I order online or download.Apart from reading books, I still insist on writing in recent years mainly prose, about ten Jiwan Zi, and most are also published in literary magazines inside and outside the province, I intend compiled and published before the thirty-five It can be considered a summary of their reading and writing career.    Blink of an eye, has been working for ten years, I like reading habits stuck with it, if there is no interference anything after something to eat dinner every night will stop reading until eleven or twelve.I was really conscious to reading as a habit, and this is the greatest pleasure, if one day without reading, I feel what my heart missing, a night without sleep is not practical to read.It can be said, reading has become an indispensable element in my life..A lot of friends that I am a “bookworm”, “bookworm” I have never been refuted.I think, more books are always some benefits; Besides, do a “bookworm” is better than doing a “idiot” Well, to make a “bookworm” is better than doing a “slob” strong right?    Western Han Dynasty scholar Liu Xiang said: “The drugs are still the book, good read can fool doctors.”Gorky said:” The book is the ladder of human progress.”Modern poet Zang said:” read a good book, like a mentor to pay.”All times, on many famous aphorism reading.Needless to say the benefits of reading, the key to see if you read do not read, how to read.No matter how others, anyway, since I book this life and lasting bonds that may wish to book to friends, no matter at what time, what place, I do not give up.    November 14, 2011 in the northern suburb of Xi’an