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[REVIEW] Although not seen in years, I still often think of, there is always a warm current import hearts.But today once again see the stone teacher, saw his lean face, dark complexion, dialysis eye of a needle full of hands.. My high school reunion, get together to talk is Huan, Ran suddenly received a phone call.He came back look dignified, said a senior about to visit his seriously ill with stone teacher.Stone used to be our teacher language teacher, we took a year of classes.Suddenly, a thin face, pale, wearing a plain, often hand stroking the back of class freeze frame immediately surfaced in my eyes.Brothers got into the car, we have a few pleasantries with each other, leaving only silence all the way.Stone teacher to a nearby rental, because the specific location is not found, the brothers had called to ask.After a child, stone teacher actually appeared in front of us.He was previously the lean, dark face some winter wear tight clothes and more, seemed a bit bloated, obviously a lot of old, but sure-footed, smiling, to usher us.He warmly shook hands with us, with the original voice as sort of a small.Into the yard, an herbal scent floated face.This is a familiar taste, gently sniff, I immediately sink into the memories of the past among.That would teach us, the body is not good rock teacher, every day to eat herbs.However, very few teachers leave the stone, still adhere to the school.Due to poor health, each class down, we all feel that he tired in class.Despite this, the teacher was always stone lectures, often hand stroking his waist has been talked about school.Sometimes we just a little bit careful, but also found oozing little beads of sweat on his forehead.We heard very seriously, so we still unforgettable.    Stone teacher led us he rented upstairs room spacious and bright, simple furnishings, spotless.Mistress mouth floor also pleased to meet us, she seemed much larger than their actual age, his face haggard.Mistress went to the house when we moved the chair, the same stone teacher constantly busy, not looking for seeds, that is, move a chair.Although we just say sit down, stone or teacher is too busy.Stone teacher to see serious look now, I think things reading time.Then our language class, the teacher to explain a particularly fine stone: not only an analysis of the article, appreciation, also includes the accumulation and use of words, to small details, as large as a whole, always persuasive, vivid and fascinating.We often hear the mesmerizing, as if bathed in spring sunshine, greenery, flowers, lakes and mountains, the eyes are very comfortable.Especially for our essay marking detailed, from punctuation, modify the wrong sentences, the word correction, as well as the structure of the entire article, he patiently, meticulously annotated.Comment is fair and comprehensive, profound and concise, both wonderful affirmation, but also criticism sincere, helpful for us to improve the level of writing.I remember he always gave us water to write essay, in my language teacher, the only one who has done such hard.He wrote every article, never perfunctory, not only to meet the requirements of writing, but also easy to understand literarily.Every time to time we read aloud, with his gentle male voice, he read self-assured, we do not have taste sounds.Unconsciously, we entered the wonderful world of his description.Looking back today, I feel particularly warm and happy, as if this moment that wonderful voice echoed in my ears.    Although not seen for years, I still often think of, there is always a warm current import hearts.But today once again see the stone teacher, saw his lean face, dark complexion, dialysis eye of a needle full of hands, and forties disproportionate old, I could not help my heart waves of discomfort.My thoughts were interrupted constantly brothers and classmates talk, a lot of words to say and do not know where to opening.At this point, I find stone teacher is very happy, talking became very excited, stared at us from time to time, a calm face a faint smile, black eyes shine with a firm hope.At a time when the house is still groaning chill.[Editor: Yuet Wah]