Bath summer evening

Summer evening, just like an ink, at first pale shades and lengthy.With the formation of the night, its color gradually deep and hazy.People bathed in the cool summer evening, but also exile the day’s exhaustion and heat.  Summer evening, do not worry fall into endless dark and mysterious.Light moonlight, pouring light, so that the density of shadows faintly mottled, refracted into the ground, an achievement only have the beauty of the evening.A man sitting alone in a quiet corner in the coolness of the bath, had always thought of the evening, once the dusk of the old stories.  The country has become a film evening in memory of the version is still so clear.The countryside dinner seems a bit late.After dinner, a few companions quietly into the orchard, climb trees, some of the edge off eating unripe fruit, then took off his shirt, with vines tied to two cuffs, a rewarding experience filled with fruit.Sometimes not come to the mountain, they stopped at a pond, whose has caught much loach.Mountains at dusk, cool some cold, up from the pond, some of each other’s lips purple.  Summer this year, may be too hot, always bathed in charming evening, hurried to the shore of Seven Mile Creek District, in a quiet veranda to sit down, looking at the little star that sneaked into the broad surface of the water, as well as twelve heavy clouds and the moon on the water surface quietly blending, really idyllic flowers in silence, the water is clear with the neighbor.At a few meters of the three nights anglers, as intently looking at the luminous drift, and occasionally catch a fish without the sensual.The other side of the city that never sleeps, with intense night, the lights dim, more and more visitors until midnight before they agree to leave.Ten o’clock to open the phone’s radio, listening to Xingtai People’s Radio talk shows glowing night, the sound and feeling all Xiaobo Mao style chair and moved listening to this show, has until late at night.  I began to indulge in every such evening, pondering once verdant dusk time, feeling some unknown mood and did not have cool.Often sit in the evening, they will each strain of delicate flowers and worshiped, although they are weak, but tried to play convergence throughout the summer heat and insolent.Who, though powerful, so perhaps there is no tolerance and endurance.  Summer rain in the evening, it is a condensation of ink: water droplets stuck in the grass shiny, reflecting a gorgeous color, light refraction to the heart added a touch of cool.Of course, these require a sentimental and soft mood can be found.This beauty, so you can not even use the exact language to express the moment and static beneath pure beauty.  Everything has a summer without the need of convergence possession presumptuous, but, when you carefully distinguish played every minute of the lively and complex, you will feel more humble and shallow.Or in the night on this evening, I probably can not help but immersed in for the summer, the fear of the summer evening.I always want to use eager poor record at the moment of writing thrilling beauty.  Tea has been cold, cigarette point towards the direction of home away along the avenue buff.