Autumn Stroll

Weather accidentally poured like rain, sneezed, I felt chilly up.He has a sense of relief after a serious illness.Autumn, so come.Not accompanied by leaves, not accompanied by bleak, I still clearly aware, fall to the.  Autumn is a mood always felt a sad mood, not sad.When the eyes like a white girl standing on the bridge looking at the scenery, hazy, sad.People see that look just feel sad, sad moist, warm heart sad.Then all the feelings are all dashing into autumn, the rhythm down up.Read such a word in this season: the leaves yellow autumn evening, thousands of miles read Strider.Fei had to do, Guihong no letter bomb endless tears drop the window.On Yan spin grinding the ink.Do not come gradually wrote this deep love, red memo is colorless.Word in the sentence if he wished the entire autumn sad, love are collected go into a yellow leaves lying quietly in a poetry collection, calm and collected.  To this end, I wrote his first poem, “Reproduction”: the end of saffron, yellow Yela, a heartbroken tears desolate; setting sun to do, filled with meaning, broken fleeting, broken dream light, injury, injury, hurt.Joseph north wind, the snow did not diffuse, few set every worry lapel drenched; spent similar, people have non, smoke past, Autumn game, Shame, Shame, Shame.Finished poem reminds me of Shen Garden, remembered the history of Shen Yuan, also remembered Plump Shen Garden, I think whatever the vicissitudes of all trace of a Daxitaibei.I looked at the words I write, it’s just a gift I gave this fall, I think autumn is no shortage of the most poetic of a season, but I still resolutely wrote a word given to her.Write its mood is calm, not sad not happy, smoke water.Although the word read always feel as resentment, such as Mu, Ruqirusu.In spite of this, it falls like a poem, as if carrying a lot of great mercy, carrying tens of thousands of species of mind of millions of people, in fact, the water itself is quiet, sometimes like a landscape painting, not knowledge of human well-being.  As a brief autumn, as long autumn.Life is in a hurry, life is long.Living life, and sometimes in a hurry, like a flash of dawn dew own faint light on the disappeared, the difference between humans and other animals, the most important thing is he thinking, and people just sad, sometimes people a chance to think, there is no effort to thinking.By the time really want to think, my mind only lengthy, full of joys and sorrows, memories full of remorse.He had to leave a loud sigh!Life needs to stop, you need to give yourself a time to walk in the autumn leaves, carefully thought for a moment.Do not be too eager to rush downtown, do not be too eager to see the snow sky, because one after another, as well as flowers withered leaves before then there.Life, alive, in the heart of a long, long in decline, but the decline in the most beautiful downtown, bustling in decline.Like that whole summer green, shining green leaves overwhelming, flashing a brilliant whole life to that glorious life to drag a long, long, long summer twilight of the setting sun over.Scattered in the afterglow of sunset on the river one after another as if to tell the story of ancient and fresh.That river little star, microwave sparkling, like being sprinkled with bright stars, beating the joy of life, enough to make people moved to tears.Then autumn wind blows, people’s eyes cheerful tears, but said nothing.People said Qiu, and sad, and cold.But all the stories, quietly, so long.  When autumn came, a cool autumn is not just our feelings, not necessarily all sad autumn.Autumn or poetic, is tranquil, is impressive, when a turnover cycle of seasons elegant scene.Like.A classic, beautiful woman Looking back at sunset of a meaningful.”The small building on a misty autumn Qing Han, Xiao Yin rogue like poor autumn.Light cigarettes quiet water painted screen.Dream fly free light, thin, such as depression infinity Siyu.Baolianxiangua small silver hook.”I wrote to my words fall with type written yellowed diary, written on yellowed leaves, let it go to waste.When the song came to mind who recite the same words: red crisp hand, yellow vine wine.Taixidabei who like to read out poems this way, like I do not know the world well-being of children.  When autumn wind blows, I walk in the cool autumn full of, like walking in the desolate poetry in full.But I do not feel sad, just felt like I had a kind of mood of calm and sad mood.When the autumn wind brushing my ear, I just feel like listening to one or old, or fresh, or sad, or happy story, the quiet, so long.