Amid the sorrow

REVIEW keep the pain and anger, he is taking other people’s mistakes punish yourself.Buddha said, “put down”, I still persistent.But since I am sensible, I will try.  I is a ordinary people, how can such hatred?To ask what people hate to say it, maybe you will not believe, but it is one hundred percent true.    I hate that I’m a math teacher in high school, he was little, small eyes, small head, small migraine, but it is a real villain.I curse him countless times swift death, pain is best to have a cancer, lung rotten heart rotten rotten guts!High school, adolescent, I was a very shy and sensitive boy.He once took the stage just in time, do not know in what evil, walked straight up to me, like anger fiercely unequivocal to me fists on the grounds that I did not concentrate intently on him.I sheepishly said something deeply wronged “This teacher demand.”Plan has invited heavy criticism, he is a very good reason kicking wildly, while saying:” You ask, ask, ask and even blanket.You hit demand!”As if to kill me and then quickly.This sudden terrible injustice, and finally in blocking my classmate’s abrupt end.But I hate him disappeared, re-took the podium, did not forget glowered at me.My one complaint injustice, is nothing more than acts of injustice Ming.People driven to revolt, so probably not a never expressed, but they are forced into a valiant people in, and I reluctantly chose to not suffer in silence.    Time in the past many years, and I already have nightmares and no longer dreamed of his vicious look, but I still hate him, hate him has been.Because I can not let go.I do not know the real reason I was humiliated, and I never want him to give me an apology.When I was in high school, teachers are absolutely strong, students are definitely vulnerable, not to mention my family and having no background.He hit me, just will not get any death, is free to play as much as possible.Said smaller, is my misfortune.Said the big point is that unfortunately our education system.Because I hate him, hate to be that the educational system.Education is to nurture talent, but he destruction of human nature as much as possible.Because such an encounter violence hurt the teacher, I have been living in the shadows, where I spent my youth in the depression years, and affected my later life.    Say is a double whammy.At that time my physiology earlier than psychological maturity.Or because in real life I do not get the care and warmth, I want to support my search for a faith to live.My first love is sprouting struggling to grow in the chimney, it is doomed to die, I tasted the first love – or rather unrequited love – the pain and soreness.How I need an elder of the same, the same teacher friends to guide me out of this morass of life.However, contrary to expectations, not only my teacher did not give me a little bit of care, for various diseases because of my endocrine disorder caused by a deaf ear indifferent, but his best sarcastic irony of sensationalism.My soul suffered worse injuries.There is no kindness and compassion and Boqingguayi outline their image, what the engineers of the soul, not as shit!I did a little bit of sweet memories of my high school life.If there are also a few good students out of friendship and moral giving and rescue me.    However, I have to review.Later, I also did some time teacher.I try to care for them at the same time, sometimes young, because they do not discipline I also played my students.But I remembered I was unfair, and each time I have to tell them why, and apologize.Despite this I know, still it is not right.After a long time, I learned to exercise restraint.If you complain to my students, I sincerely ask for his forgiveness.    I know, bear grudges and anger, are taking other people’s mistakes punish yourself.Buddha said, “put down”, I still persistent.But since I am sensible, I will try.    Buddha, Praise Praise![Editor: Yuet Wah]