Admission to the countryside Thoughts

Rainy weather.Because school enrollment tasks issued to each teacher, so I took the task to the countryside Admissions!In mid-summer weather in spite of the rain, but the same boring, impetuous!The same people feel uncomfortable!  Sixteen years engaged in vocational education, vocational education for understanding, I know, from the bones of view, compared to the general high school education, we are a despicable attitude, this reality has plagued our vocational education, even the teacher of vocational education in the community and therefore will be out in the cold!  The countryside enrollment, enrollment targets we face are local in junior high school increased that some of the relatively poor performance of student groups, so whenever such students walked into the house and saw a picture of the students face frustration , I was always so faint for pain, heavy, as a teacher, as a human parents, who do not want their children to do good?Succeed wind is every parent’s wish, therefore we can not escape this situation, we can not avoid the reality of this kind of education!  However, due for vocational education do not agree with, plus the parents want the wind heart trauma, if you want to walk into these groups lost in, it is bound to be a prohibitively immune to do things!  Under the rhythm of the day, I felt all the way to the enrollment of a deep word: complain.There is always the result of the examination of the phenomenon of high and low.However, for unsatisfactory performance of children, most of our parents is a kind of blame, blame, or even take cold violence treatment, do not ask ignore, they know where the children were injured after the heart is bleeding?They know where the children choose a time in his life hunting and disturbing intersection?The countryside, I vaguely see that our parents and children farther and farther away, seemingly gully, in fact, is a blame our education!Family is important, however, in the choice of hopeful wind, then our parents would rather give up the family for many years regardless stick with their words: for the sake of their children in the future!  His words ye see no flaws, however, exactly what the child’s future needs?But some people may not really know!  With a part concerns, from house to house to do the work of students, that moment, I apparently gave up the original intention and purpose of the countryside, down I feel more like a doctor, give these results in deviation frustrated child parents cure it.Perhaps my medicine can not change their fate, but, as I mentioned in a parent: Your arrival, my heart felt at least returning to the heart!Perhaps this is the mood of the moment, but I still feel the significance of this trip.Teachers, not only to give our children enough knowledge of life and survival, but also should be like a doctor, to taste those suffering hardship student doubts in life and learning, this is the responsibility of an educator shoulder where!  Think of these, I thought to myself that the mission will be some proud, because after all, this is a rewarding career!  Exam always have high and low points, in front of the results, and in this countryside, I see more of some parents heart of self-reflection, which I see a glimmer of hope in the face of these lost groups!In the test, the injured should be our greatest student, even though our parents heart is also very uncomfortable, but we still want parents to the identity of a elderly, and standing in an objective position to select children for the life of!This is a responsibility of parents, but at this moment, is expected for each student lost heart!Therefore, the countryside, not only to meet with students face to face, it is a positive communication with parents heart to heart, therefore, it touched my heartstrings!  A person’s life is like climbing process, we only have faith and strong will of the people can climb to the apex, see hope!What is success?What is honor?Perhaps there will be a lot of success in front of applause, the thing that makes us not forget that I do not think just applause, again and again with more difficulties in the process of crawling in the process of struggle and failure to do!A lifetime to go through numerous failures, but they do not give up their dream of hearts, each failure is their success the best medicine!  Time flies, the day the countryside life end soon, leaving the countryside, on the way home, I do not want to own admissions of whether the purpose, but, if my words more or less able to touch the hearts of those numb, those feelings of loss will pull back from the rhythm of the rain, the meaning of which is the right of my visit!  Car traveling slowly, perhaps exhausted, lying asleep in the car, but just in my twilight, a burst of rapid phone sound, text messaging is a stranger: teacher, thank you for!Thank you enlighten.This is a message I am telling high school students, many of the crowd I seem to remember that the child’s appearance, but I can still share a sense of expectant eyes, would need gentle soul withered!  Witnessing this message, I am emotionally, perhaps the sincere brought a strange feeling it?The weather gradually the car window listening to the rain, the sun through the clouds from west!  - Yes, not all children on the basis of poor hopeless, and those results are still good child full of infinite expectations and desires in their heart of hearts young, in the past, life on the road, maybe they made a detour However, why do not we explore the night when they light up to give them a desired light it?This is to give them hope!  The dead of night, twilight drown all thoughts, late at night, so I wrote in my log!This is the account of a mood, but also deep thinking to myself that responsibility education!  2012.7.12