A sincere friendship

A sincere friendship text / lost time friendship in mind, is a sweet melody; keeping in mind a good friend, is a warm and beautiful.Life is the most precious is life, life is most important is friendship, and every care and blessing between people in the world every minute of warmth and friendship, friends, are the heart and soul blend.I treasure every life and I am fortunate friends, and sincerely wish my friends health, happiness, joy!Friendship is a flower, the more open the more the United States; friendship is sailing, so that a better way voyage!Among the big crowd, the occasional greeting, so that we become friends space.Since then, happy life full of color, life can have a lot of friends confidant bit.Affinities friend is a friend is another one kind of spiritual sense, is a tacit sentiment.    Friendship is the wine, the more Chen more pure; friendship is the wings, so happy to fly side by side!In space there is a tacit understanding between us, the secret language to convey the blessings of each other, if the previous suppress the feeling in my heart, and these days it is repressed share deep thoughts.Every word and every word of every sentence friend I feel that is one of the most gentle, most comfortable, most fun, best mood!A greeting, is from the heart of the most real emotions; a blessing, is moved to write the best answer!Thank you friends for their support and care, whether few or many links will never let the truth!I wish a friend happy forever.Right close remote ends of the earth, with long silver screen, then Psalm.Everything good comes from sincere and honest, although not years reincarnation, no longer naive to reproduce.But never because you worried about the season and not, not because the road is long and not miss you, not because you are busy and neglect, but not due to the erosion of time and forget you.The silence of the night, quietly guarding the screen at one end, your desire to appear.Thank the network journey’m with you!Vast network of sea, there is no agreement, but met; never had promise, but interlinked hearts, love each other; there is no cover up, yet we sincerely written between mind; no oath, we would like to continue the friendship forever.    Friendship is the sun, let the heart grow together; friendship is the light, the brighter the more dial!We are, with the text of love and longing, through space, through the text, the other into the real world.Through a network cable, there is always a lot of moving and warm fragments left behind in our space inside.I cherish every sincere friend, each person’s space is a beautiful world, in this world I see a sincere and friendly, felt the real life feel emotions, bless my friend happy forever!May you always be happy happy, a good thing again and again!Tidal any years of ups and downs, hang some waves swirl roll, bit by bit is still willing to treasure forever this indistinct emotion.Friends of Trinidad accompany edge, like the deep sea Endless friendship, geographical situation Nanzu network connected weathered heart.May our Auld Lang Syne, my dear friend is willing to healthy and happy!    Friendship is a spring rain, let a smile bloom!Not the world’s most precious asset, it is a sincere friendship, and because wealth is not permanent.Friendship deepened and from space, seeking truth and brotherhood in the passage of time, the mind in frank exchange of space, distance and close to each other in greeting, a wish to verify in each other’s blessing.Busy you still worried about your pure words, it left me with memories, brought infinite joy.Friendship is a river, the more flow deeper; the friendship of the world because of the selfless and pure, colorful space due to the blessing of friends and warm, autumn and winter snows flowers, summer and autumn and, although the season changed, my concern has not changed, blessing you have a fruitful autumn, I hope our friendship will always be colorful spring.Friendship is like a beacon, lighting up our souls; Friendship is like a clear spring, enriches our lives; there is a miss in life is always clear, this world will always have a sincere blessing, years greetings always have a warm heart there is always a devout prayer.Sincerely wish friends happy happy happy every day.Friendship is a rainbow, very beautiful; friendship is a river, it never stops; friendship is a pine, evergreen!    Friendship is like a rainbow, decorated with stained our lives; Friendship is like a stove, warmed our life!Friendship begins with a word edge, friendship depends on a continuation letter word, friends thanks to a long word heart!In the dream thoughts often filled the air, stirring the song notes, over the mountains, flying over grasslands, rivers fly, stay on your side.Friendship is hope, people work hard; friendship is the driving force, encouraging people to move forward.You will always be my soul friend!No matter when and where, I have sincerely bless you; good luck buddy, Haorenhaomeng!Golden sun, the radiation of friendship; silver moon, passing the friendship.Friendship is heavy rice, Yu friendship is lush forest, the sun hidden in our hearts, let it be wonderful dream; the sea of friendship branded on the chest, let it be sweet thoughts.