A man walking

A person walking, may be very lonely, very lonely.No one accompanied, on the road did not hear any song and laughter, and even wonderful scenery.Ears hear only the sound of the wind, or the wind; looked forward, a boundless unlimited extension of the road, in the rough and rugged extend the.    A person walking, as long as not seeking only to walk down, maybe not alone.Qingming while listening to the graceful sounds of nature, take a look at some roadside monotonous scenery, even if it is a superficial glance; there are even or encounter a stranger passing by, cast a casual look, even ridiculed or, you you will not find among the vast world, only you alone.    A person walking, need some courage.Because we can not gone back, but the road ahead is you do not know how, you do not know what will be waiting for you.You will encounter many fork in the road, and even let you know as to; the road ahead, and not just during the day, the night still will come; there are numerous tests and even tribulations want you solve them.If you hang back, and can only stay still.    A person walking, and perhaps some confusion.But you have to have a clear direction, and unwavering to go on.Along the way there are many forks in the road confuse you, see you make a choice.Maybe you along the intended direction chosen road is so rough and rugged, and even weeds overgrown with thorns; a few steps back, perhaps you see the other road is very flat, flowers in full bloom.But this is perhaps the clever traps set by the Creator, you will investigate whether the firm, which when you finish a period of flat smooth, greet you is the more difficult road, and even lead you to despair.So you have to decide the direction you choose the right along the line, however, and when you go through rough and rugged difficult road, the spring will be smooth sailing, you will close the away goals.Only this time, you will feel more comfortable, joy.    A person walking, to have the tenacity, the courage to challenge the limits of life.For instance, in walking through the desert, when you go to only one person, but still can not see the oasis, you might fear, despair will feel you have reached the limits of life.But you can not be this fall, perhaps bite walk a few steps, there will be an oasis.Success often occur when you almost desperate.    A man walking in front of what you do not know.But as long as your heart is willing to lonely, do not fear; a firm walk along the intended direction, no matter what difficulties and hardships encountered, you will overcome, you will be able to reach the destination.We are able to reach!    I like a man walking!