Food and books are not live up to

It is said that the real people who love life, is not ill-treat his stomach and soul.Because most primitive desire is in search of food and clothing from all kinds of food and spiritual pleasure, a joy to say no than a basket for cooked food, poured drinks and to meet the spiritual, are much more real and natural.   Start early, in order to satisfy their own desires on small tongue, I traveled the streets of the town in search of a variety of cuisines, local, foreign, street food, food delicacies, although the point can not remember what to eat what, just remember like Cantonese very delicate, very spicy Sichuan, Jiangsu cuisine is very sweet and salty, very fresh Hunan, Anhui cuisine is very mellow.With his own body swelling, I believe they must have become a part of my flesh.   Looking back, on his own for so long to learn, but also read a lot of books, in the extraordinary position doing the tedious work, no ups and downs of life, no soul-stirring story, read the most books do not remember, just remember, “Book of Songs” very determined effort, “Songs of the South” very romantic “, three” very heroic “Social Contract” very enlightening, “will to power” crazy “Mao” is very broad.With increased experience, I found that these had become part of my mind, just like when I eat food.   Like the city’s cuisine, as natural as breathing.I can not drink, do not smoke, do not wear name brand, not open cars, but for the food, I will find ways to eat.Current food, always look a gift horse, you can often find a center of calm, slowly chewing in a corner, gently memorable, unusual taste.While each city has a different view, perhaps the water south, Yanlong people; perhaps the dance pavilion pavilions, Zhang Jie Qu Lane; perhaps Ambilight, shops; but the best thing in a strange city, than the kitchen table just a vegetable for you a meal, a drink a peck on the tongue; let your love moving the earth, perhaps in summer white porcelain plum juice, crushed ice into a wall chink feeling, perhaps the winter thin-skinned dumplings package, articulate fragrant gravy flying so simple, perhaps the kind of food you bring homesickness, nostalgia, childhood nostalgia taste.   Some people say that reading is like a new city in a variety of dishes, a variety of genres, a lot of flavor, with a mix of light weight, opening and closing with meat and vegetables, as your favorite books with both good and bad, with joys and sorrows, Langhammer exudes spicy sweet and salty character, staged in different parts of the city, so that you slowly taste: you can Bogut splendid and sages to guide the country; you can Jiyangwenzi and Mystics who, on the cooking wine song; you can be a hero scripture Wei Wu, dash; when you want to meet, just read some breathtaking writing, perhaps a kind of happiness, enjoy a warm heart.   Food is often hidden in the family, hidden in love, rich in natural ingredients combined with exquisite culinary skills ultimately turned into a delicious table.I know every word of mouth overflowing, a small town popular gourmet cooks perfect heart and hand, wisdom and power combined, will only feel like a chef to make the best food.The books are no exception, need to resonate with ideas, ideas collision, read good books can help you feel respect for the author of the text, as you are friends, relatives, lovers happy with, all sorts of lingering, one thousand kinds of envy Mu.Only under the tongue, but also between body center, since then, the noisy hustle and bustle of the world, with a tender stable harbor, so you strong so far.   Food, like you into the illness, desperate and no party, often makes me inadequacy, a loss; and excessive purchase books, addicted to reading addiction, let me now simple, kind-hearted as ever.I know that in the future even fall into the red tape, into the poor, after Xijinqianhua, I would have a different state of mind, has traveled thousands of miles way, read thousands of books, tasted worth of taste, but also I have loved a person, in arduous, also fame or fortune.   ”Overnight understand the delicacy of its flavor love life”, so food, good books versa, both of which are not disappoint!        25562764 @ QQ.COM