Cited Soul Flower

The only flowers the legendary Underworld beads ——- Man Sha Hua, also known as Bana.Bana belongs to the Amaryllidaceae (LycorisHerb), the genus name is Greek mythology, Poseidon woman’s name.       Spring is bulbous, the growth of summer foliage, autumn erect flowering, winter leaves slowly receded, so the cycle.    Where it grows mostly in the field trail, Riverwalk and the cemetery, so the alias is also called the dead flowers.    One to fall, it was bursting out with gaudy flowers branching off close to the red and black, the whole piece of Bana look is startling crimson, fiery, such as blood, such as tea.       Lilies of the United States, is branching off, disaster, death and separation of ominous beauty.Or is it because deep brilliant red color reminiscent of blood, or also because of its bulbs contain highly toxic, in the general literature, its image is often associated with the concept of “crazy, bloody” and the like up.In Mirage of Blaze encounter chapter “really Hao ki reverberation” in Kuwabara water dish pen writes moment Jing Hu suicide, see the spray of blood as in full bloom in groups of Bana.    Japan is called ma nn ji ュ Silicone ya ge, the language of flowers “isolated / sad / unlucky”.    South Korea is the language of flowers “miss each other.”.       Legend, long, long time ago, the edge of the city was covered with large tracts of the other side of China, which is the lilies.    Its flowers have a magic, it can be reminiscent of their past things.      Bana is the guardian of two goblins, called a Flower or lilies, a leaf demon called Sha Hua.       They Bana waiting for thousands of years, but never met, because the bloom when the leaves do not see, can not see the flowers, mosaic the two do not meet when there are leaves, life and life with the wrong.      They miss each other madly, and the pain afflicts.    Finally one day, they decided to go against God’s provision secretly meet once.    That year perianth eye-catching green lilies set off with bright red, open exceptionally beautiful flirtatious God blame him, this is to be expected.    Man Wah beads and sand are into reincarnation, and the curse can never be together, life after life by suffering in the world.      Since then, Man pearl sand China also called Bana, which means open in heaven flower, flower shape just like a palm in prayer to heaven, but never appeared in the city.       This flower is open in the lives on the road, the Man Wah beads and sand in every incarnation lives on the road.    Bana will be able to smell the scent of his own past life recall, then I vowed not to separate, and then the next I fall into the curse of reincarnation.       Short embracing got from the endless cycle of curse: mosaic gone, you and I Come, life and life with the wrong.    Millennium reincarnation, hatred and delusion diminished, but again Come.Come again but.The only flower that lives on the road.    That escorts her to the other side of the lilies, that still echoing the pain of waiting for salvation.    That lost her loved him.River rapids surging on a three way.        No guidelines other side of the lighthouse, it is the horizon pale eyes never dawn and spilled sad and helpless tears she heard myself saying: I am not afraid, I love him..    China is the other side of florid sad memories.See extinguished disappear remember I stood ends of the earth to hear the soil bud waiting to open the fragrant night-blooming cereus Love left the other side of the lighthouse I still have not whitewashed and looked dark hair holding my torch him I said to myself I’m afraid I do not love him before and after the spring equinox three days Jiaochun the other side, called three days before and after the autumnal equinox autumn the other side, is the grave of the day.    Bana open during the autumn and the other side, very punctual, so it called Bana.    Bana, flowers open the other side.When the flowers do not see the leaves, you can not see the flowers, mosaic the two do not meet when there are leaves, life and life with the wrong.       Bana, opening a thousand years, down a thousand years, Mosaic will never meet.Love is not causal, edge destined to death.”——— <佛经>, Flowers, at the other side of life and death….    Buddhist phrase, tea millet is the last season of blooming flowers, blooming Kaidaotuni, leaving open the forgotten pre-existence of the other side of the flower.      According to legend, Bana is open in the underworld forget the other side of the river of blood as gorgeous red flowers, flowers without leaves, when the soul through the Lethe, they forget all the lifetime, had everything to stay in the side, open into a glamorous flower.      I heard that, when God made man, each soul is divided into two halves, one half for men, half for women.    The so-called love then became the people find another like that soul process.    Some people find, some people end his life but could not find; some people find that they did not find.    So from the side driven by the desire to find that soul farther and farther.    Some people believe they have found, and he really did not know that this is a one soul is still somewhere else, or pass.    Some people say that this is destined to separate things, why we must find it?Maybe God’s intention.    It is that eternal separation.Also found injuries.       Man Wah beads and sand, this is probably.Although the same for the other side of the patron saint, it is destined to be separated.    A brief moment, the eternal way off.       Sunshine filled the air, floating down a yard, there is a gentle breeze of air sound.Weak I saw the other side, there is a flower, no stems without leaves, red burning.Large tracts of red, the color of the blood as.Pour over the earth, recovery of past life memories.       Perhaps some things are already doomed.    Doomed, they can only compete with each other at both ends of emptiness; doomed, but instead of passing each other forever.    That staggered known flowers and leaves of the people, sorry.I do not know people still live happy.       Looked up at the blue sky, the heart is very acid, as a red melancholy, floating in the air, lingering.