I am with you, live so closely lingering spring

Meng suddenly, the tree on the green。  I actually received too late to live your yearning for spring long-Benz is suddenly came。Suddenly I was helpless to。  In fact, more like a general simmered stew tasty time。Between the taste is so chewed after swallowing, it is very intimate to overripe in the chest, Qinru entrails。  Interested spring, even ruthless man?  Thought to want to, I can not actually annoy spring。  I know you like this。Love can make long-term peace of mind。    Raging waves of potential seabed。A few lofty affection off the sun。That one tsunami midnight us to a climax。  To you, I'd rather together with spring。  I imagine, as I am with you all over the mountain, like cherry blossoms in full bloom。At the same time it was in full bloom in solar terms in April。Those vulgar colors, in the heart of downtown from far, far away。  April is not the proliferation of insects, April pupil's not only green plants sensational animal。  This is to make the world cleaner。  Thanks to April, there can be refreshing cherry accompanied us in the air, we love each other。  Honey, you give me hope. And it makes me warm enough brightly in the spring。I know I would restless this spring with germination, then straight to your overwhelming。  I thought the horse in heat sprinkled with joy as children run in the April sky。I love you as sunshine of spring and good。  Spring will go dear。  But I will not。  I will wait。Waiting to work with you until the cherry blossoms behind。  World bright invincible。Then there will be one after another dealings rain。  Spring growth love, April disease-free without disaster。Everyone is waiting, handsome dancing together。  What makes me so clarity?  At the moment I found out, I this world, not even hatred。