For love, I would like to lower the dust

Life would have a infatuated, sorrow was not related to the wind and the moon。    ——Inscription written in the south Tanabata rain, air floating factor in the wanton spread rain long night, squeezing the dim moonlight。Yuet Wah water, light amber general yarn clothes, like her intention to tender and good hiding, when looked up, noticed only her desolate biting cold。Cruel moonlight ocean sprinkle Lengyu Ye in, shake off the dim light, almost equal to hurry hurry vehicle。The remaining time was forgotten people, hiding in solitary distant sea by the window, but look different roots of Acacia tears。    Ink-like handsome text, another one filled with a letterhead, but do not know the middle across the ends of the earth, the sky geese have left scratches do not know whether to deepen half pen again?Sound Yanming sound sad, Lei Yu also irreducible re-entry。For love, I would like to go through anything; for love, I would like to lower the dust; for you, I would run to rest。Jun just like my heart, will live Acacia Italy。    Red rolling, carrying past life bears the mark, at the right time met the right people, you and I laugh, whispered greetings: Hey, have you been all right?Qi since then walk away and disappeared in the vast sea。I did not throw you, then you have perceived,?In fact, the phrase“I love you”We had countless times in the heart cycle。    I have crossed the mountains over the sea, also traveled through a sea of people, until I met you are the happy end。You are my pen mind, I write only for you to write colorful chapter。If you are walking pedestrians hurry, I wish I was a tree in open road ahead of you, whether you are willing to stop, to stay awhile, I have put my cool lavished on you; if you are Eleonora of a pure woman, I wish I were a lotus flowers, regardless of whether I'm into your eyes, so you intoxicated, I have foreshadowed you bloom season。    Waiting for your eyes with a smile, she captured my seasons, I stood in a soft light in this life in。Off the aroma of elegant word, you are like the beauty of beauties, this life sway pen and ink just for you smile Looking back, the scattered palm warm enough for me cheerfully rest of his life。This life, you are my most beautiful encounter。    The stone on the juniors, do not do nothing Modoribashi。I think of my past life, set your admirers in one, the edge of this life, is my Buddha numerous day and night before the Torah the cultivation of fruit, I Buddha of compassion, read my infatuation, I did not cut off the root of the situation, so I did this world a thousand years of long-cherished wish。This life with you, forever associated heart, heart forever hand in hand, no complaints from the points。    My love is like dust, scattered in the margins, if you see dust blowing in the breeze, you will know that I love you, not just words。“Life and death deed wide, and the child into that。Hold your hand, and grow old。”I promise you forever。    Hand in hand accompanied bell regrets; earthly fireworks, and Seoul degree。