Ms. Parking Italy was threatened Chinese man to come forward won praise

Source: Italian version December 7 electric Recently, a woman Italy Province of Macerata threatened by a man in the parking lot, the scene of a Chinese man stepped forward。
The Chinese man, 39 years old, has been living in Italy for 21 years and just recently became a father。
According to the parking lot surveillance video shows the scene was a lot of people, but everyone just take a look and then leave, only that ethnic Chinese man approached on the matter of intervention。
Chinese man said: "At the time they saw the owners of tall and strong man, and attacked the female owner, her daughter is very afraid of the side, felt he had to help them approached。
"According to the Italian version European Times reported recently, in the province of Macerata Civitanova City, a shopping center parking lot, two parking spaces and car owners due to quarrels。
At that time, a woman about 50 years old owners want to park your car into a parking space, but a young man was the first to stand on the parking "placeholder" and said his father was about to come over parking。
At the two sides argue, the "footprint" of youth's father, a man came to the owners of parking spaces, and the female owner of a bitter quarrel erupted。 In this process, the female owner attempted to get off the phone with a captured each other's license plate number, for which the owners are very angry man, he tried to snatch each other's phone and attack。
At this time, a Chinese man stepped forward to stop the man in fury, finally quelled the dispute。
(Fan Fei / mechanized ed) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。