Iranian president reiterated that the Iranian nuclear issue comprehensively deal with the issue of missiles stand

Data Figure: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani。   Rowhani said the Iranian nuclear issue is very stable overall agreement。
He warned US President Trump, if the breach of the agreement, damage to the international reputation of the United States。   For the Iranian ballistic missile and defense issues, Rowhani made it clear that Iran will develop defensive in nature, "conventional weapons" and "will not discuss this with anyone."。   Since January last year, Trump became US president, the US government to Iran's ballistic missile technology by increasing pressure on Iran, and introduced a number of sanctions。
Iran said that Iran's development of missile technology is the inalienable right。 Trump announced this year January 12, the last exemption period will extend sanctions against the Iranian nuclear issue and requested to modify the terms of the agreement, Iran's missile program increased restrictions and other content。
He said that if the United States can not expect to reach agreement, the US will withdraw from the agreement。
  July 2015, Iran reached a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue and the Iranian nuclear issue of the six countries (the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany)。
Under the agreement, Iran will restrict its nuclear program, the international community will lift the sanctions against Iraq。
The agreement on January 16, 2016 the formal implementation。