Chinese guy won international awards for his short film director took Diansha in Japan

September 11 electric street eligible inspiration comes through the creation of award-winning short film, Zhang Shiwei opened the chatterbox。 "My initial idea was to create a 'just do it carefully, even if there is no expected return, efforts are meaningful' as the theme of the story。
One day I was out walking the streets to see everyone playing with the phone down, that moment of inspiration thanks to the widespread。 Now 'phone family' so much, why not just tell a story in a phone theme?"Zhang Shiwei ten minutes short film script, and the idea of the creation of Zhang Shiwei spent three months。 To make the story true, he will be deceived by the Japanese identity changed to Chinese students。
Because "living in a strange and lonely environment, the network is more likely to cheat false concern audience empathy。 "To get in-depth, real stuff, he did find the 'net cheat' and being 'cheated net' to fool people, to them to ask questions, repeatedly polished script, sleepless nights scrutiny plot。 Since Dream "Jurassic Park" Zhang Shiwei mid-1986 was born in Shanghai, she grew up as a movie enthusiast, now living in Japan。 10 years old, he had bent when he saw the dinosaur expert Steven Spielberg film "Jurassic Park", was immediately shocked its superb level of production and shooting。 "Behind the Scenes see, I am very shocked, all these scenes are so fascinating design, implementation, and very strongly feel the charm of the movie"。
He designs to be a film director, movie dream thus out of control。
Famous American film director Steven Spielberg (left) pictured in the film "Jurassic Park" during shooting。
At 19, Zhang Shiwei to the United States to learn professional video director, and CM 2011 MTV learning professional image in Japan。 After graduation, he was full of confidence, with the same three friends studying film and television production back to Shanghai, going to something big。
"Step by step to start" no shooting experience, no qualifications, no contacts, Zhang Shiwei and friends floundered in Shanghai。
Bitter experience, he decided to "still have to start from scratch, step by step to start"。 He one person alone to Beijing to start shooting from advertising, gradually gained reputation and fame。 In 2014, he followed the actor Chen Kun team to Tibet for public projects "walking the power of" shooting the fifth anniversary of the theme song MV。 Film industry seems bright, but camped, overtime……The studio is not hard for the audience to know。
In this regard, Zhang Shiwei Gan if yee。
"If you really love to do it is the cause, then hard hard, but also feel happy。 " 'Hard feelings the subject of the story' in 2015, returned to Japan Zhang Shiwei。
This time he set their sights on ordinary people's stories。 "Chinese in Japan diligent struggle, a lot of people have made outstanding achievements in their field, unfortunately, it is not known。
I hope that through the lens of their story to more people。
"He and the team began production, shooting," Chinese world "documentary series。 From topics, check out the location to communicate interview from the program to clothing, from the music, the lighting, the choreography background, loading and unloading equipment from a single program to design, from outreach to producers……Zhang Shiwei almost all aspects of the issues involved in the processing。
Making documentaries called it a challenge to Zhang Shiwei。
"When the commercials, the beauty of the picture is the most important factor, as long as the United States, there is impact, is good advertising works。
But different documentary。
How can the hero mining the emotional engagement of points, so I am very worried。
"In the beginning, the film came out not to be optimistic。
"Some people even say that after reading, do not understand what in the end to express。 "Gradually, Zhang Shiwei to work out doorways。 He told reporters that most impressed beat a highly respected Chinese nationals singer。
"I first met him in the face before shooting, he understood in detail, with the film of his day trip from rehearsals, singers and other exchanges, to rest, to eat……Impressed that he invited to live in Yokohama parents to see the show。 In particular, he carefully check a good transport links and a transfer station, and then tell their parents by phone。
This detail what struck me, in fact, great artists and we also have the same side。
Then I understand that to heart to feel the subject's story。
Only to find to impress their part in order to impress others。 "Tokyo Shinjuku China 'dumpling king', the Japanese bento community of Chinese people, Japanese nail into the gourmet world Chinese 'a sister'……He used the camera to show the story of a struggle of two Chinese in Japan。 "Chinese world" documentary series has been widely praised, and gradually expand influence in Japan。 Speaking of the future creation plan, Zhang Shiwei some excitement。 He told reporters recently he was in the film "Japanese craftsmen" series of short films, each episode five minutes to introduce various areas of Japan's traditional craft artisans legend。 He wanted to tell the story of Chinese craftsmen Japanese。
"We have so many exquisite traditional handicraft craftsmen, those skills, techniques and contains the spirit is very good theme。 We hope to have the opportunity to be able to take their stories to see Japanese。 "(Xinhua international headlines micro-channel public number) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。