Baby winter chapped skin mostly these reasons

Baby winter chapped what is the reason?Many people especially the winter dry skin, chapped and even delicate baby skin, then you know why you baby winter chapped skin?Following small to tell you baby winter chapped skin causes。
1 baby winter chapped skin, climate, environment and other external factors change reduce winter precipitation, strong sun, the air is drier, combined with the ability to regulate the baby's skin and the resistance are still weak, so the drying has become a common baby skin phenomenon。
2, thin and tender baby skin winter only one-third of adults more vulnerable baby's skin thickness at any point to stimulate your baby's skin are likely to cause discomfort, such as climate change, change clothes and material thickness, etc., They are likely to cause damage to the baby's skin。
3, baby skin needs more moisture due to the imperfections of baby skin barrier function (cuticle thin, less sebum), evaporation of water too fast, and therefore more prone to dryness, moisture needs more numerous。 Moreover, the high baby's sweat pore density, plus the large amount of exercise often go out to play, resulting in a large amount of moisture evaporation baby body, the demand for water will more。 If you do not pay in time, the baby's skin is very prone situation。 How delicate baby skin care 1, take precautions usually balanced diet daily diet can eat more foods rich in armor to the baby, because when the body lacks vitamin A, skin becomes dry, eggs, liver and other foods ,,, are all good choices。
2, lips intensive care baby skin winter should pay attention to the baby drink warm water, can also be appropriate to add vitamin B2 and vitamin C ^。
If you see your baby frequently lick their lips, parents in time to stop, if we find the baby's lips are already chapped phenomenon, you can apply a little damp towel on the baby lips, make lips mucosa fully absorb the moisture, and then Tucha special infant lip balm。