England shot box half 6!Johnson also scattered in front of the penalty area a meow meow meow

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 19 report: Beijing at 2:00 on June 19, 2018?Group first round group stage, England against Tunisia。Although the first half, the score was 1-1, but England get a lot of opportunities, there are six half-court shot is a pity that the Three Lions players wasted a lot of scoring opportunities。The game in England from the outset occupy the field edge, and the lead in the 11th minute made the score blank range in front of Kane, but then Tunisia to seize an opportunity to tie the game on penalties。But the first half of England also missed a lot of scoring opportunities, or they can even be in the first half to seal the victory。The first 2 minutes, Tunisia defender Laure horse steals the penalty area, the ball Lingard Road volley goalkeeper denied their feet Hassan。The first 5 minutes, Ali cross from the left point after Stirling Mianduikongmen petrified miss a shot。The first 24 minutes, Ashley – Young pass in the left Lingard restricted the right shot did not play is part of the ball over the bar。43 minutes, within a restricted area volley blocked the bottom line Lingard。The first 44 minutes, then after Lingard Henderson pass, the face of attack goalkeeper choice Dianshe room to move, the ball touching the goal post to fly the bottom line。 Statistics show that in the first half of England have six shots hit the door frame within each other, this is their World Cup semi-final since 1966, face Portugal, the highest number of shots on the first half of a World Cup finals。In addition there is a great opportunity to Stirling England missed this Buddhism, we can say they are very fierce offensive in the first half of the game, it has been kicked out of the tactical requirements of Southgate coach, but the players shot not to force your feet。And after several missed opportunities, the England players in the second half of mentality has also undergone a subtle change, a lot of time played more impatient, less scoring chances become。In fact England only need to continue to follow the first half, then kicked, and improve the ability of the players to grasp the opportunity, then still a great possibility to win。