Japan's Shinkansen driving oil spill: This event is recognized as a major accident

Overseas Dec. 13 with electric Shinkansen oil leakage。 11, Japan's Nozomi Shinkansen train 34 outgoing abnormal sound and smell in a moving way, stopping midway Nagoya station inspection, a crack was found in train stations and oil spills。 Japanese Transportation Safety Board to be recognized as a major accident, which is since 2001, transport safety committee was established, the new route was first identified as a major accident accident。
According to Taiwan's ETTV cloud it reported that the Japanese Shinkansen spread since the first "major accident"。 11 by the Bodo departure bound for Tokyo's Sanyo Shinkansen Nozomi 34, with different sounds and stench came his way, when the boats Nagoya station inspection found cracks in train stations and oil spills, immediately thousand passengers transfer to other trains。
Japanese Transportation Safety Board finds that this event is part of a major accident, it has begun investigating the cause of the accident。
According to Japan's NHK reported that the vehicle is N700 system, compiled 16, when the first car into the docking station Kokura Station, station staff is reflected in the vicinity of the cabin 7 and 8 cabin smell burning smell, train car length Therefore, section by section, check the passenger compartment,。
When docked Okayama station, on the train maintenance personnel investigation, confirmed heard strange muffled sound different, but because the vehicle did not find the phenomenon of uneven operation, it was decided to continue traveling to Tokyo。 However, when the vehicle travels to Kyoto, the commander noticed abnormal odor, after arriving from below Nagoya station personnel to check the vehicle and found the car appeared Taiwan leakage, connecting parts and components like color wheel also appeared charred, and therefore suspended。
Japan's transport safety committee on the 12th sent three investigation officers went to investigate the incident reason Nagoya Station, Transport Committee believes this situation is likely to lead to serious accidents, so the matter as a "major accident"。
Responsible for the operation of the JR West said that the detailed cause of the accident is still under investigation。 This is since the 2001 Transportation Safety Board was established, the new route was first identified as a major accident accident。 It is reported that this is not the Japanese Shinkansen accident for the first time。
Data for: October 16, the British buy Japanese high-speed rail in the UK for the first time to run the air conditioner suddenly leaking, passengers hurried escape。 According to the British "Guardian" reported earlier, the United Kingdom spent 5.7 billion pounds to buy the Japanese Hitachi company's new high-speed rail trains, and in October 16 the train to London from Bristol in the first run, the car air conditioner suddenly serious leaking, passengers had to stand up and escape, trains and shut down air conditioning, hot arrival in has been delayed for more than 40 minutes。 In addition, at the time of the train to the overhead wires from a diesel power, there have been some technical problems and had to in subsequent Depot Repair。