The origin of the story about the Lantern Festival Lantern Festival

The origin of the Lantern Festival, the story about the Lantern Festival。 Lantern Festival is the most traditional Chinese festival, on this day in many places in order to celebrate this festival has a specific customs。 So, how come it is the Lantern Festival?Lantern stories about what it?Here with a look Xiaobian。 Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, there will be as early as the Qin Dynasty 2,000 years ago。 According to the information and folklore, the fifteenth day of the Western Han Dynasty have been taken seriously, Xin night at the Oasis Palace sacrifice "too much of a" campaign on the Han Dynasty month, (Taichi: dominate all the gods of the universe), is regarded as the descendants of the fifteenth day of worship Harbinger gods。
Lantern Festival, means "Lantern Festival evening," because the fifteenth day of the "Lantern Festival" main activity is the night of the full moon to eat rice balls, and later evolved into the festival name "Lantern Festival"。
Lantern Night, streets decorated, people lanterns, guessing riddles, eating Lantern Festival, beginning from New Year's Eve celebrations continue another climax, become custom for generations Xiangyan。
Lantern Festival in the early process of formation, said only the fifteenth day of the first month, the first month or month and a half Wang, Sui said after the night of the Lantern Festival or Yuan。
Early Tang Dynasty influenced by Taoism, also known as Lantern, even before the late Tang said Lantern。
But after the song, also known as light from evening。
To the Qing Dynasty, otherwise known as the Festival of Lights on。
In other countries, the Lantern Festival also known for TheLanternFestival。 Jinian Ping Lu Lantern Festival is a legend when the Han Emperor to commemorate the "Ping Lu" and set。
Han emperor Liu Bang's death, Empress Liu Ying's son ascended the throne as Emperor Hui of Han。 Emperor Hui naturally cowardly, indecisive, power gradually falls in the hands of Empress。Han Emperor Hui died after the affairs of state monopoly Empress Liu Lu world into a world, North Korea veteran, Liu clan deeply resent, but are afraid of the Empress brutal and silent resentment。 After the Empress died, Zhulv panicky fear of being hurt and exclusion。
So, the secret collection on General Lu Lu's home, conspiracy insurrection matter, in order to completely seize Liu Jiangshan。 The matter spread to Liu Xiang Liu clan king ears, Liu Xiang Liu in order to protect the country, and then decided revolted crusade Zhulv founding veteran Zhou Bo, Chen Ping get in touch, designed to lift the Lu Lu, "Lü Clan Disturbance" has finally been completely put down。After the story of the origin of the Lantern Festival Lantern Festival on the insurgency, Liu Zhong Chen crowned second son Liu Heng ascended the throne, said Han Emperor。Emperor deeply hard-won peace and prosperity, he gave calm "Lü Clan Disturbance," the fifteenth, as with the public day, every family decorated the capital, to celebrate。 Since then, the fifteenth day has become a worldwide celebration of the folk festival – "Lantern Festival"。 Han Dynasty, "a God too" festival set in the fifteenth day。 (Taichi: God of the universe dominated all of)。
When Sima Qian created "in the beginning calendar", the Lantern Festival had been identified as the major festivals。