Killing 13-game winning streak!Rockets again triumph in the history of the league the first team is also in sight

  Beijing on March 21, the Houston Rockets history on the road to 115-111 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers, ending the opponent's 13-game winning streak, not only to maintain the current coalition longest winning streak (six wins), but also close to the team single-season wins record。
  Portland's 13-game winning streak passed away today。
And earlier today, the Jazz to 94-99 home upset loss to the Eagles, the desire to reach a second wave of 10+ winning streak of the season to fall nine game winning streak halted。   After the Blazers and Jazz have to stop rocket current 6-game winning streak is the longest league winning streak, the Spurs to four straight second place。
Earlier, the Rockets had this season has won over 14 game winning streak and 17-game winning streak。
The next four games, the Rockets will return home after another against Detroit, pelicans, eagles and bull, is expected to impact third-wave single-season winning streak 10+。   In addition, the field Rockets 57 wins this season, a clinch, they will wins tied the single-season record in team history。 1993-94 season, the Rockets have won 58 wins and won the first title in team history this season。
If nothing unexpected happens, the Rockets this season in team history to advance towards the first 60+ wins。   The closing stages of the season, the Rockets will be how to create miracles, wait and see。 (Demons) Disclaimer: Sina exclusive articles, prohibit unauthorized reprint!。