Mount worship bicycle so that "Chinese wisdom made" shining global networking, big data technology show their skills

With the shared cycling competition in the industry upgrade, many bicycle brands to share the critical period of the comprehensive strength of the Competition innovative technology, operational level, etc.。 Known as the "National Bicycle" Mount worship bicycle, it has put in more than 8 million smart bike。 So how friction thanks to every one of the small orange car series into a big data platform?Its core lies in Morocco thanks to a strong and independent research and development of artificial intelligence platform "cube"。
Morocco thanks to travel large data artificial intelligence platform, "cube", play a key role in four major areas of riding simulation, supply and demand forecasts, and parked predict geographic fencing, boosting the fine management and intelligent operation and maintenance。
Mount bike thanks to the completion of a comprehensive, mature system。
Things technology allows massive big bike Morocco thanks to real-time data can be seamlessly transferred to the cloud platform and mining analysis, and actively propose solutions for the construction of bike lanes to help the government focus its resources on a reasonable construction of bike paths, power, construction。
Not long ago, thanks to Morocco topped the "Fortune" magazine "2017 changed the world 50 companies" list, as the industry's only a short-listed companies, thanks to excellent friction explore innovation and technology especially in the field of networked objects has been global recognition。 I believe that with the continuous development of innovation and technology to promote the science and technology of friction of things thanks to cycling, will be recognized and welcomed more residents of the city and country。 From brand creation until now, thanks to the friction led cross-sectoral cooperation of things popping up。
Mount worship cycling break the pattern of the industry itself, but through cross-industry combination, and Foxconn, Qualcomm, Ericsson, Huawei, China Mobile, Hina, Dow and other top companies in various fields to achieve the strategic cooperation, to complete the supply chain, new materials , new energy, recycling and other aspects of the layout。
Mount worship through cooperation with Qualcomm, Ericsson, Huawei, Vodafone, China Mobile, Compass and other domestic top telecommunications and equipment manufacturers, built the world's largest mobile Internet of Things platform to create friction thanks to the "circle of friends" from the depth and breadth, create a genuine all things Internet era。
Currently, Morocco has entered cycling thanks to 180 cities in eight countries around the world, daily orders up to more than 30 million registered users more than one.500 million, the amount of data generated every day more than 20T, the world's largest Internet travel company and the largest platform of Things。 Now, in the big data, networking technology and other innovation-driven, thanks to Mount bike driving the global development of green transportation, smart city, thanks to Mount bike is making "Chinese wisdom made" shine the world。